Surprised By Deformed Birds? What About Disappearing Ones?

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:06 PM
November 17, 2010

Its hard to swallow this line that scientists are surprised by the increasing numbers of deformed birds when, in fact, they have known (or should have known) about the larger percentage of birds disappearing altogether in the last decade.  Whether from loss of habitat in city and countryside, poisonous pesticides, polluted air, radio waves coming from cell telephones or some type of disease, birds are just not singing in trees, migrating south, or bringing bird watchers joy nearly as much as they once did. 
 Scientists at the National Audubon Society estimate that millions of birds generally seen in North America no longer exist, and that some species have declined by as much as 80 percent.  But apparently the scientists studying bird deformities have not consulted the scientists studying the disappearing of birds.
 Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician, who runs a health care clinic and publishes blogs on proper health care, is especially concerned about the hazards of cell phones, not just to birds, but to people as well.   He writes that in 2007 there were four billion cell phones in use on earth––all carrying radio waves injurious to birds.   Further, he insists, “It’s already known that birds living near mobile phone base stations do not breed well. It’s also known that exposure to these frequencies causes disorientation in migratory birds.”  Dr. Mercola also writes that if the truth were out, cell phones are more dangerous to people than cigarettes.  But he doubts that this truth will come out because of the far reaching political power of the telecommunications industry.  He warns that people should avoid using cell phones, and especially protect children from doing so.

 Not only is something horribly wrong in earth’s ecosystems that causes the death and deformation of birds.  Something is also horribly wrong in the scientific community when separate and isolated research, disjointed communication, and political reticence prevents scientists and government funders from doing the  joint in-depth research necessary to find solutions for these bird maladies.   But if Dr. Mercola is right, the results may be that people would be asked to give up billions of cell phones around the world.  And most cell phone users would probably think that this suggestion is for the birds.

 The Bible speaks often about wisdom, pointing out that when man’s knowledge is inadequate, believers should seek God’s wisdom (1 Corinthians 2: 5).  Undoubtedly with a world gone mad with destructive cell phones, global warming, man’s betrayal of the animal kingdom, swiftly rising sea levels, and other man-made disorders, Christians should consider which body of wisdom and knowledge on which to rely––man’s ideas or God’s Word.  Certainly, these issues need thought while sharing gifts of Christian clothing wholesale during this Christmas season.

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