U.S. Cats and ‘Kitties’ Stalk and Kill Billions of Birds & Animals

posted by John J. Jr. @ 10:35 AM
February 8, 2013

John J. Jr.:  Yes sir.  Rev. Dr. Repriestly tells me your name is Anthony Ornitho.  I’m John, the senior carrier of the Newspaper Boys and Girls, Int’l, also known as the Animal Kids.  She tells me your specialty is in birds.  Welcome!

Anthony O.:  Thank you sir.  Please call me Andy, as all my friends do.  Yes I am in graduate studies majoring in avian and zoology studies at the university. I am particularly interested in birds. Dr. Repriestly says that you have a special assignment.

    John J. Jr.:  Thanks so much for helping us.  The preteen carriers in the United States are very upset about news reports that scientists have definitely proven that cats indeed are stalking and killing birds at alarming numbers.

One, named Sissy, has raised such a ruckus that she wants us to file what she calls ‘animal class law suits against cat owners and city pounds.’  Sissy is quite a pickle.  Unless we do something, she will start marches and protests everywhere.

Andy:  Well John I must tell you that this time Sissy is right.  All of us in bird study fields are just as upset.  The major research on this subject comes from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Fish and Wildlife Service which estimates that both domestic and feral cats in the U.S kill some 2.4 billion birds a year, along with another 12.3 billion other mammals.

Natalie Angier of the New York Times writes in ‘That Cuddly Kitty Is Deadlier Than You Think,’ that these estimated kill rates “are two to four times higher than mortality figures previously bandied about, and position the domestic cat as one of the single greatest human-linked threats to wildlife in the nation.”

The Smithsonian report says:  “More birds and mammals die at the mouths of cats, than from automobile strikes, pesticides and poisons, collisions with skyscrapers and windmills and other so-called anthropogenic causes.”

George H. Fenwick, the president and chief executive of the American Bird Conservancy, is very excited to at last have “some good science to start nailing down the numbers.”  He lauds the quality of research.

John J. Jr.:  Wow.  So Sissy is right.  She always screams against cat food companies that keep pushing cats as prized pets. She says that, instead of putting feral cats to sleep, too many city pounds simply spade and release them.  Spading will do nothing to stop them hunting birds and other animals.  Any ideas Andy?

Andy:  Well let’s meet with Dr. Repriestly to see what we can come up with.  At that meeting I will bring updates on current studies.  For one thing, we know that the population of feral cats has greatly increased.  And maybe Sissy and the other kids can bring suggestions for their protest actions.

John J. Jr.:  Surely, many land animals and birds are grateful to still be alive.  It reminds me of a verse from our online Bible lessons:  “Blessed be The LORD, Who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth (Psalms 124: 6).”

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