Animal Story Reports: Poachers Killing Elephants and Rhinos

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January 17, 2013

        John J. Jr.:  Dr. Jael, Rev. Repriestly and Sarah Newsworthy have asked everyone to think about reorganizing work loads and expanding staffs if needed.So they said we could start an Animal Story Updates by Newspaper Kids division.

Allie:  Well Sissy wants to tell about cows tails falling off, birds having funerals and people stealing land from bees, but I think we should do a special Newspaper Kids edition on elephant and rhino poaching in Africa.

Sissy:  This absolutely ain’t fair.  She can’t talk about what I want.  Besides, Andy and I want to be bosses of the animal division, and not Allie!

John J. Jr.:  Oh come on.  You start this again Sissy and the grown-ups will fire us quick.  Allie, you start the story on elephants, and Sissy, you and Andy work on our next edition.  And no more back-scrapping.  We ain’t enemies.  We work together for God.  Remember what our plus size Christian t-shirts say about that.

Allie:  Well, everyone knows poachers are killing elephants and rhinos to get their ivory tusks.  But late last year, the number of these animal murders greatly increased.  African game police and poachers even die in gun fights.

Farley:  And there is so much undercover dirty dealing in governments, no one seems to really protect the animals.  And now United Press International (UPI) says “heavily armed African rebels and militias . . . use profits from the illegal poaching and sale of ivory to fund wars across the continent.”

Allie:  Yes the UPI story says these groups killing God’s precious animals to extinction “include the Islamist al-Shabaab of Somalia; the Janjaweed tribal warriors of Sudan and the Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda who have turned the savannah of central and southern Africa into what the German news magazine Der Spiegel calls “a Killing Fields for elephants.”

Sissy:  Why, this is awful.  They’re killing innocent animals to get money to go kill people.  John, we must do something!  What can we do?

Farley:  These ivory tusks are going to Asia, particularly to China and Thailand where two pounds of ivory can sell for $ 2,000 on illegal black markets.
Druggists and people in those countries think ground-up ivory can heal people, but our government’s health people say they can’t heal anything.

Allie:  And now they’re shooting these poor animals down from overhead in helicopters, sometimes wiping out entire family herds.  Police find 10 to 15 dead animals bunched together dead, with their tusks cut out.

Sissy:  Come on John.  Say something.  We have to act now against this!

John J. Jr.:  Well, one thing we can write our U.S. Senators and ask them what is being done among nations to stop it, you know if international police can work on this problem.  Also we can raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund.  The WWF is doing all it can to stop the ivory trade destroying these animals forever.

Sissy:  O.k.  Great.  That’s a start.  Let’s get to work!

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