Our Future Food: Unexplained Fish Kills All Over The World

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 16:23 PM
May 21, 2012

    Shocking stories of hundreds of ‘fish kills’ with thousands of dead fish floating on ocean and lake surfaces are reported from various places around the globe.  These scenes of water carnage indicate that the world’s waters are sick.

Perhaps the greatest horror was in Troms, Norway, where some 20 tons of dead fish washed up on the local beach earlier this year.   A popular skiing area, Troms is warmer than other cities on its latitude, because of the warm Gulf Stream.  Officials theorize that warmer waters may have contributed to the fish kills.

Various reasons offered by animal and water specialists around the world are:  warm water, industrial air pollution, red tide, fire extinguishing planes, guilty fishermen dumping dead fish back into water, poisonous bacteria, deliberate poisoning of storm sewers or other tributary, and lack of oxygen in fish waters.

CRIEnglish.com, says some 50,000 fish were found dead recently in a pond near the industrial city of Shenzhen in southern China.  The large pond is the size of two basketball courts.  The owner “suspects that heavy rain may have led to . . . pond contamination from a nearby building site.” In the Izmir Tahtah District of Turkey people panic because so many dead fish have shown up on shore.

Twice in the last week massive fish deaths occurred along the Periyar River in India.  “Local residents, fishermen, . . . and green activists . . . blocked” officials from the Pollution Control Board who came to collect water samples because officials had too often neglected these huge fish deaths.

In the United States, scientists from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources also suspect that low oxygen and low water levels caused thousands of fish to wash up stretching two miles long the Pelican River.  Associated Press (AP) reports that the dead fish included:  “northern pike, small mouth bass, bluegills, yellow perch, black crappies and bullheads.”

AP also reports that microorganism columnari was found in the waters of Harris Brake Lake in Harris Brake, Arkansas, where 300 white bass floated belly up dead.  No other fish species were affected.  The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission theorizes that the bass were stressed while spawning in warmer waters, making them vulnerable to infection from the microorganism.

And in Strongsville, Ohio, the Department of Natural Resources may file a criminal investigation over the 28,000 minnows, darters and white sucker fish found dead along three miles of shore in the East Branch of the Rocky River.

Massive fish deaths in Bible prophecies are signs of pending judgment:  “And the fish that was in the river died; and the river stank, and there was blood throughout all the land. . . (Exodus 7: 21).”  Now, with the shallow trivialities of modern life, we are cursing ourselves by massively killing fish––our future food.

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