Are You Kidding? Japan Leaking Radiation & Plans For More Nucs

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June 21, 2013

japan-nuclear-plant        OK so Jael calls me: “Why aren’t you working?  You haven’t sent a story in for weeks?”  And I say, “So where are those interns you gave me?  Why aren’t they writing on nuc plants in the U.S.? Do I have to do everything?”  In my dreams! Truth is I said, “I’m on it. Lots of research going on here. Have it to you today!”

So first of all earlier this month, the operator at Fukushima disclosed he found another leak in one of the hundreds of steel tanks storing radioactive water at their downed nuclear site.  And they plan to fix it by freezing it!  Come on!!!

The day before that, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) admitted it found cesium particles in groundwater flowing into the Fukushima plant.  So now we have radioactive water flowing into stored radioactive water, at a rate of 100,000 gallons a day. I’m talking to them to see what else TEPCO plans to do.

But oh no.  TEPCO officials wouldn’t answer my questions, but they did for Martin Fackler of The New York Times (NYT). He ‘carefully’ writes in ‘Leak Found in Steal Tank for Water at Fukushima:‘

“The company has installed a new filtering system that it says removes every type of radioactive particle but one, tritium. Still, that leaves it no choice but to keep storing the water rather than dumping it.”

TEPCO also admitted:  “ . . . it had erred in previous tests, said it had found up to 0.39 becquerels of radioactive cesium 137 per liter of water, an amount that is far below Japan’s safety level for drinking water of 10 becquerels per liter.”

Thus, people on the street are furious with TEPCO. Even Fackler says so: “Faced with growing public alarm over the babies-nuclear-checkwater crisis, the government last week ordered Tepco to stop the influx of groundwater by freezing soil around the reactor buildings, a novel plan that calls for creating a wall of underground ice.”

People must approve that plan, especially in commercial fishing areas. That’s not liable to happen.  Because of the leaks they can’t serve faucet water to their babies.  Shortly afterwards, officials told Hiroko Tabuchi, also of NYT, that Japan plans to restart some of its 50 commercial reactors soon.

“We have reached a milestone,” says Shinichi Tanaka Chair of their Nuclear Regulation Authority. With their ‘new safety systems,‘ he  says they are accepting applications from companies to restart 13 nuclear reactors across the country.

This is astonishing! Japanese people don’t want it. I am interviewing for human interest stories. I assigned those interns to work new angles on San Onofre Nuclear Plant in California shutting down forever! But their writing was boring and didn’t have much new.  But they’re still working on it.

We’ll get more stories in soon chief, I promise.  Meanwhile remember what wholesale Christian T-Shirts say:  “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him (1 Corinthians 2:).” Keep up the good work then!

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