Get Ready For This 2013 Summer’s Whacky Weather!

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June 7, 2013

hi-europe-flood-passau    Hmm.  Upstate New York had 34 inches of snow last Memorial Day, and its snowing in Russia even this month.  Severe killer floods have not let-up in Central Europe; and Saskatchewan, Canada, is having its coolest spring in a hundred years.

Weather Underground’s records had to research back to 1816 to find that much snow on New York’s Whiteface Mountain.  Even at sea level, near New York City people could see snowflakes––in June!

But citizens in Russia said to see those flakes on the second day of summer is “hardcore!”  One blogger said, “The weather must’ve forgot it’s June.” And in South Africa where they have winter, while the West supposedly has summer, people complain of an unseasonable snowy winter, making driving impossible.

The blunt of this whacky weather is particularly felt across central Europe which has seen at least 15 deaths from flooding since last weekend.  As the swollen River Elbe snakes its way down from the Czech Republic, where it killed and injured victims, those soaked in Dresden, Germany hopes the river crests soon.

Al Jazeera reports Czech soldiers erect metal barriers to stop the river’s rage, in addition to mounting millions of sand bags.  Prague has limited transportation to underground stations as water from the Vltava River flows into Old Town.

Some 18,000 people forced to evacuate homes in both countries also wait for the river to calm down.  Most homes in shelters-floodingand businesses near Elbe’s banks now sit in several feet of water.  The Extinction Protocol and CBC News say that rescuers used boats to get people from flooded parts of Passau, Germany, to dry land.

“Water from three rivers poured into the old town of Passau . . . making the city inaccessible on foot.”  In addition to those known dead, several more are missing in Austria, Switzerland and Norway as well.  Lillehammer, Norway, claims more rain fell last Wednesday than that city expects in an entire month.

Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian Prime Minister, and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel are trying to visit victims, but flood conditions even make those trips dangerous. Flooding forced Volkswagen to temporarily shut down its plant in Zwickau, Germany, because high waters kept workers from reaching the factory.

In Scientific American’s ‘Is Global Warming Cooler than Expected,’ Alex Kirby says: “The Earth is now warming faster than at any time in the last 11,000 years, but scientists do not understand clearly why the atmosphere has warmed less than they expected over the last decade or so––and more slowly than in the 1990s.”

So why were are having cooler summers than usual?  Kirby answers its because all the warmth is going into the oceans, “rather than into the atmosphere.” Hmm. Didn’t warmer oceans contribute to last year’s Hurricane Sandy?

Hmm again.  Better get out new wholesale Christian t-shirts blaring old news again:  “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5).”  Man’s wisdom won’t get us out of what’s coming!

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