Happy New Year From All of Us to All of You!

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December 31, 2014

best wishes    Rev. Repriestly: As American Christians attend New Year’s Eve services this year, or pray around together around the family altar, hopefully they will remember fellow believers suffering for their faith in The LORD Jesus around the world––in China, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, and other nations, even in the U.S.

Ally I. Feermeno: To be sure, Satan often changes his tactics against the rise of Christianity in some nations.  For instance in China, billionbibles.org argues ‘Christian Persecution in China Is Rising Again’:

“On the whole, the main thrust of Satan’s attack on the body of Christ in China has shifted away from brute force to the more insidious temptation of compromise, money and heresy . . . Rather than the euphemistically named Public Security Bureau kicking down doors, the bigger threats to the church in today’s increasingly materialistic China is the lure of wealth & prosperity and other false gospel, much of it imported from the West.”

Ida B. Wells: My, my Ally that means Christians in the East face the same temptations as Christians here do––only wanting Christ for what He can do for them, rather than asking God what they can do for Him.

Jim Seerfar: Right you are Ida. These bring sure signs of The LORD’s coming soon, as is tremendous activity in space travel, space ‘science’ and what I can space-hooey.  Truly leaders of various nations will face God’s wrath for wasting billions of wealth in space endeavors while humans under their watch go hungry.

Cecil Certifier: It is all so totally insane. Consider what His Eminence Metropolitan Elias of Tyre and Celebrating-New-Years-serviceSidon said at an Orthodox Church service recently:
“  The Church of Antioch, as you know, was founded by the two Apostles, Peter and Paul. And most of this Church is suffering now….in most places, we have either war or pressure from all sides.

“And this is not new for us: Our Lord Jesus Christ has told us that we will go through such places and such situations. And, you know, the Church from the very beginning had past persecution and many kinds of pressures. But, in the end, love will be prevailing. As Our Lord told us: You will have difficult times, but at the end you will win because I have conquered the world. So, Jesus Christ is always the winner; love is always the winner; we are the winners if we stay near to Jesus Christ.”

John J. Sr.:  Amen to that Cecil. In this New Year let us pray for precious believers around the world.  And please pray for the earthend-newbeginning.com that we may be able to reach more and more people through the internet, and other doors The LORD will open for us.

Rev. Repriestly: As Taryn of I.E. Plexus tells us our wholesale Christian sweatshirts insist: “Prayer Is The Answer.”  So in 2015 let us all practice more of God’s Word every day and “Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17).” With that said let us end with “Happy New Year” to all of you from all of us!

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