Happy New Year! Get Ready for 2014! It Will Be A Zoweee Time!

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December 31, 2013

happy-new-year-farm-2014    Brother John:  Well, as Newsworthy explained yesterday, be glad that 2013 is over!  And pray that 2014 will be much, much better!  Those in charge tell us to be positive in this year-end blog, to look forward with hope, not back in despair!

Doc Adversery: Oh, positive!  Let’s see, we haven’t had major epidemics in 2013. But now, H1N1 is re-surging in the southern U.S. Government researchers puts Texas and other states, in the ‘widespread’ disease category.  People with flu-like symptoms there are dying. What’s positive? It hasn’t spread to other states yet!

Butterman:  Doc’s right.  We haven’t had major poisoned food scandals in 2013. So––although China is importing chicken to the U.S. soon––we pray for the same record in 2014.  Also, we must clean, cook and serve only healthy foods?

Feermeno: Yeah right! Who knows.  Things are ‘rather’ quiet in this part of the world where Jael stuck me. Japanese leaders still transgress forbidden shrines, hoping to rewrite WW2 history. North Korea’s Un executed his uncle. The Fukushima nuclear plant still leaks radiation into the world’s Pacific Ocean waters.

Underpaid workers struggle to remove radioactive fuel rods at the clean-up site, and the Japanese government has set aside $ 970 million for new facilities to store those deadly rods. People fear poisonous milk! Positive?  Nothing’s changed!

Brother John: Come on gang, someone must have some good news for 2014!  Cecil Certified emails that continuous negative thinking leads to depression. And we are people of faith and good news, not of depression.

John, Jr.:  Well don’t look to the kids Dad. They are furious that nations still do little to save animals from extinction, and that we had so few blogs about it in 2013.  Their research shows many more species will go extinct next year.

Jim Seerfar:  But these insane world leaders still follow the deception of global space exploration.  It is as though they plan to finish destroying the earth, so the few of them can fly off into space. But it’ll never happen.  God forbids it!

Nancy Repriestly: I am praying much for our nation, that: people find jobs, farmers prosper with good crops, the poor are fed, diseases stay away from our shores, our politicians rule with God’s wisdom and all of America will be blessed.

Brother Michael:  Yes, Nancy. That’s the way to go!  Alright you guys! Snap out of it! We have everything to thankPeace-Hope-Days-Ahead God for in 2013––our health, our families, our salvation! Thousands read your blogs. As wholesale Christian sweatshirts proclaim: “Jesus Is Still LORD in 2014!”  So say it!  And Believe it!

Then concentrate on God’s precious promises, such as:  “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him (1 Corinthians 2: 9).”

So good bye 2013. Come on 2014.  We’re ready for whatever you bring.  We stand on The Solid Rock, and His Name is Jesus Christ. Though rains come and winds try to knock us off, we will still complete His work. The Center holds!

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