Animal Extinctions Increase In Front of ‘Helpless’ Man!

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 16:03 PM
November 1, 2013

markhor-wild-goat-pakistan-lgJohn J. Jr.:  Dr. Butterman, I’m so sorry to bother you, but the kids are very upset.      I couldn’t contain them.  So many animals fall into extinction today.

Lucy Lip:  Yeah. Butterman.  And what are you grown-ups doin’ ‘bout it?  Nuthin’! That’s what. We tell ya and tell ya.  Our newspaper boys and girls around the world tell you guys too.  And nobody does anything for suffering animals!

Butterman: What new animal extinctions are we talking about?  This site writes     government officials, journals and non-profit ‘protect animals’ groups. We try to stay up to date.  Jael will be upset to know we have missed something.

John J. Jr.:  OK newspaper kids have sent us secret information about animal species dying out around the world:  Caribou in West Greenland; wild     porpoises in China; elephants in Chad; Sumatran tigers in Indonesia; . . .

Lucy Lip:  And about elephants:  When are you guys gonna to do something about elephants and rhinoceros all around Africa taken out every day just so crooks can cut out their horns and ship them to Asia.  This is crazy, dumb, crazy!

Butterman:  Yes. Well we do know that areas for protected animals are     under-manned, and that low-level criminals have much better arms.  But still those animal-thieves who get caught seem low-level on their bosses’totem poles.  Police seldom catch the big-money behind these horn and pelt     thiefs.  This really takes international law enforcement cooperation.

John J. Jr.:  That’s right Mr. Butterman. So what gives?  Why isn’t that international cooperation taking place? These animal seem unimportant to     people in charge.  Our news reports also reveal these criminals poison     elephants, and lions, tigers and even buffalo, either to take their horns and     skins or remove them from their ancient feeding paths so men can ‘develop’ the land.  We’re just saying more must be done to stop them!

Lucy Lip:   And what about those beautiful Himalayas goats starving to death in India.  Speaking of starving, even in the U.S. baby puffin birds starve to death because Global Warming changed fish patterns, so they have nothing to eat. And what about 300 dolphins washing up dead on the East Coast.  Some docs say they died from infections, others say they GTL-Puffinhave measles.  Aghrughh . . . Only kids get measles, not dolphins! What is going on?

John J., Jr.:  She speaks for all of us, Sir. The kids are all ‘a-crazed‘  They read a release from SPX News service, ‘Wildlife Face ‘Armageddon’ as Forests Shrink’:  “Species living in rainforest fragments could be far more likely to     disappear than was previously thought . . . the researchers witnessed the     near-complete extinction of native small mammals on forest islands . . .”

Butterman:  Say no more.  You both speak the truth.  But another truth is that we have no one truly good ruler of the world who can make people do right. That won’t    happen until The LORD Jesus comes.  Oh Satan will try to rule the earth with even more evil.  But he will be the worse ruler of all.

So pray with me that The LORD Jesus will come back to save earth’s animals soon,and   very soon.  Until then we must keep our faith in that verse on our wholesale Christian sweatshirts: “I can do all things through Christ     Which strengtheneth me (Philippians 4: 13).”

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