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posted by Aunt Bea @ 12:55 PM
September 30, 2010

I agree a lot with what Jael says. But she hasn’t written anything about the Disappearing Bees in a long while. As I somewhat share a name with these critters, I decided to do some research about them myself. Well Jeff Pettis, Research Leader at the United States Department of Agriculture Laboratory expects this year to be far worse than the last four years. Since 2007, beekeepers have lost about a third of their bees to what they call CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder, and he expects 2010 will be much worse than the other years.

Pettis says that they still don’t know what is killing the bees, but it seems to be coming from more than one source. And the Disappearing Honey & Honey Bees sight says that these bee problems are in countries around the world. And with 100 different commercial crops depending on bees for their pollination skills, the Department of Agriculture has funded scientists with 14 million dollars to find out the causes for CCD. So far it hasn’t worked.

Well I’m gonna search for some bee designs at wholesale Christian sweatshirts so that I can tell people to keep praying for bees. Cause everybody must know that if growers don’t have bees to spread crops from place to place, eventually people won’t have food to eat.

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