Disappearing Horses For Food and Profit

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:59 PM
September 16, 2010

Supposedly under the protection of the United States government, wild horses on America’s vast plains are mysteriously disappearing.  But, in truth, it is no mystery.  The flesh of these wild animals, which comprise so much of this nation’s heritage, is probably now in chicken feed, dog and cat food and other genius manufacturing ideas.
 In her blog, “Mestengo, Mustang, Misfit. America’s Disappearing Wild Horses,” Laura Moretti gives a detailed and gruesome history on the way these beautiful animals have been abused, mismanaged and politically enacted nearly out of existence.  And sadly the practices she reveals continue to the present day.

 Various volunteers and organizations in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and other western states, are doing all they can to detail the numbers of these animals and the ways they are being treated, or rather mistreated, under various government programs.  But government agencies, such as the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM), taking responsibility for control of animals that were born to run free, do not want to be watched.  And they continuously seek government sanction to restrict taxpaying citizens from observing their actions or interfering with their plans.
 One must wonder which corporations are being enriched by BLM’s so-called storage of these horses.  According to the blog Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, “The BLM wild horse program has been harshly criticized for its lack of fiscal sustainability. The agency now stockpiles more wild horses in government holding pens and pastures (36,000+)than are left on the range (less than 33,000). The cost to taxpayers for this program is expected to exceed $70 million next fiscal year.”

 According to Katie Zezima’s 2009 article in the New York Times: “An estimated 100,000 horses a year are shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter, prompting Congress to consider a bill that would ban the sale and transport of horses for human consumption outside the country.”  While it is assumed that most of these horses come from families in the eastern U.S. that have abandoned them in the present economy, it is certainly possible that among these horses are ones that have disappeared from western plains.  Also, please note the phrase “for human consumption.”  Could it be that horse food is going into more than crushed fodder for cats and dogs?  And is that other phrase “outside the country” really believable?
 Winter is coming, and as believers wear their wholesale Christian sweatshirts, surely they will continue to pray for their country. As Japan takes pride in slaughtering God’s whales, it is time to pray that this nation not take the same pride in killing His magnificent horses in order to provide the food of money to some nameless and faceless corporations.

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