Keeping Score? Who’s Ahead? Man or Nature?

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:07 PM
November 20, 2010

Let’s see.  Let’s check the score.  People verses Nature.  Birds are either going extinct or becoming deformed.  And science supposedly can’t explain why.  Frogs are no better off than the birds, as they are being born with several arms, legs, heads, etc., turning them into some sort of monsters.  Again, the smart body of learned men doesn’t know how to stop it.  Then, honey bees have been disappearing in mass for years.  And, although these bees are vital for food production around the world, science still can’t explain their disappearance.

 So, obviously, Nature looses that round.

 But then again, the vast majority in all scientific fields is more than convinced that Global Warming is a definite threat to the existence of all life on earth.  Yet those who have the political power to change those corporate and economic practices causing Global Warming either deny that the problem exists, or else they refuse to do anything about it.

 Here the score is probably tied.  Although man-made Global Warming is definitely destroying Nature, it is also hurting people with increasing diseases, stifling heat waves, rolling bouts of drought and the destruction of fish, vegetation and other food sources vital for human life.

 But then maybe Nature is retaliating against its man-made Global Warming.  Volcanoes go off more often, and earthquakes are more quickly multiplying across the globe, along with hurricanes, typhoons, floods, mudslides and sinkholes, etc.   Crazy weather with heat waves, erratic rain and snow storms, heavy smog, etc., helps that retaliation along.  These phenomena have, of course, killed thousands of people, but have done nothing to move national leaders who have the power to do something about man-made Global Warming. 

 To keep accurate score, it is necessary to know if some of those in power don’t care if people die or not.  Just maybe there are a few people in power (or controlling those who seem to be in power) who really want most of the earth to be destroyed.  With about three-quarters of earth’s human and animal populations gone, there would be less interference with the plans of these few to rule the entire planet.  And, if these evil miscreants can exercise such power, without interference from human protests, then both man and Nature loses that score.

 The Bible says in Proverbs 29: 2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”  In a democracy, the power of the vote decides who rules.  As readers shop for wholesale Christian gifts this Christmas, it’s a good time to decide whether they will work and pray against such evil plans, or they will simply enter the New Year believing that the only realities are those they see and think they know about!

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