Food Illegally Mislabeled Horsemeat in Schools, Hospitals, etc. Pt 3

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 10:57 AM
February 18, 2013

ALDI in U S   While formation the European Union gave most of the nations a common currency, and open borders as unifying symbols, it did not not enthuse joint standards of culture, civil and criminal law. What one nation in that Union sees as both culturally acceptable, another may not.  Now officials are in a quandary over food––horsemeat to be specific.  Some EU nations find that meat, not just acceptable but a delicacy, and others find the very idea of eating horses repugnant.

Some food industries within that Union ‘solved’ the matter by slipping horsemeat into frozen foods, and labeling them 100% beef.  As legal trails unravel throughout the EU, citizens in the United Kingdom are outraged at the food lies.

On Friday, in ‘Horsemeat Scandal: Traces Found in School Dinners and Hospital Meals,’ authors Matthew Taylor, Damian Carrington and Felicity Lawrence in the ‘U.K. Guardian’ announced that horsemeat has indeed been found in meats in schools, hospitals, and supermarkets in the United Kingdom:

“Rogue horsemeat was . . . identified in school dinners and hospital meals. Officials from the Food Standards Agency confirmed new police raids on three more companies. . . spread to public sector caters and major restaurant chains . . .     “In Lancashire cottage pies destined for 47 schools across the county were withdrawn after testing positive for horsemeat. It was not clear how long the contaminated food had been on the menu. . . In Northern Ireland burgers bound for hospitals were withdrawn after officials confirmed they contained equine DNA.  Food giant Compass, which supplies over 7000 sites in the UK including schools and hospitals, said a burger product it supplied to two colleges and a small number of offices in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland had tested positive.”

Moreover, horses slaughtered in England, but shipped to France may have included a banned substance, poisonous to humans, phenylbutazone, known as bute.  Late last week, Stephen Castle of The New York Times headlines, ‘Britain Says Equine Drug May Have Entered Food Chain:‘  “The British Food Standards Agency said that it had checked the carcasses of 206 horses slaughtered in Britain between Jan. 30 and Feb. 7.  Of these, eight tested positive for the drug.”

So far U.K. news outlets have not mentioned prisons, jails or nursing homes.    But as food in elementary schools is contaminated, undoubtedly it reached those institutions for the less fortunate even beforehand.

Beef contaminated with horsemeat was sold at Burger King and Aldi Foods in the U.K. and E.U.––both of which are burger-king-horsemean-EUheavily franchised in the United States.  One must wonder at what point will the U.S. Food and Drug Administration start testing frozen foods and meats in our own shores.

Never in God’s Holy Word is it accepted that men should eat horses.  He sets standards for animal meats, fish and fowl for people to eat:  “These are the beasts which ye shall eat. . . Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat (Leviticus 11: 2-3).”  As wholesale Christian books point out––horses do not fit these guidelines!

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