Do What You Can Do!

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:53 AM
August 27, 2010

Everyone can’t be President, although there are too many who want the job.  Everyone can’t be in the spotlight, although there are too many who yearn for it.  But some things are more important than fleeting fame.  Everyone cannot agree on right and wrong.  But, at this time on earth those agreements are not as important as the joint human effort needed to save the planet from our own destruction.

 Because he is convinced that killing whales, God’s crowing achievement in nature, is tantamount to ending mankind’s time on earth, Capt. Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherds, and his dedicated crew, do what they can to stop Japanese vessels from slaughtering whales.  Bob Barker, former host of The Price Is Right, cannot sail with them, but he did what he could by donating an expensive ship for their efforts.  Working together, captain, crew and supporters have so far saved some 60 whales, and may well have forestalled God’s judgments.

 Vice President Al Gore may have lost a presidential election.  But that did not stop him from awakening world leaders to the horrors of Global Warming.  He is doing all he can to get nations to stop contributing to this destructive force.  But he cannot do it alone.  Hundreds of people around the world have joined his various organizations.  Working together, they are educating the world about Global Warming.  They are doing what they can.

 When he was Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. C. Everett Koop did the impossible job of taking on the tobacco industry, warning people to stop smoking.  As a result, millions around the world have healthier lives.  The movie, Erin Brockovich, tells the true story of a woman who told the truth about industrial dangers, and, again, thousands more live. They did what they could.  Harriet Beecher Stowe had no power to stop slavery, but she wrote a simple novel illustrating its evils, and awakened the nation.  President Lincoln recognized her as “the little lady who started the Civil War.”  She did what she could.

 What Christians can do is to dedicate more time to prayer.  God needs to hear prayers of repentance for the way mankind is destroying the earth. Wholesale Christian Bibles tell the stories of Daniel (9: 1 – 19) and Ezra (9: 1 – 15).  These men were righteous.  They had not committed any of the sins for which they repented.  But taking the place of those degrading their nation’s status before God, they held off God’s judgment by repenting for the sins of others, begging God for forgiveness.  They could not change people.  But, knowing the power of prayer, they prayed earnestly for God’s mercy, asking Him to forebear judgment and give the people time to change.  And God agreed to do so.  Hebrews chapter 11, detailed in wholesale Christian books, gives example after example of ordinary people who stood up for righteous causes and did what they could.  Doing what one can, growing in that job and then doing more, is exactly what brings rewards from God that will last through all eternity!

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