One of Many Battles Between Heaven and Earth

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:34 AM
June 29, 2011

For years, Satan’s arch-demons dominated the vast skies over Hollow Tree.   The city’s increasing experiments with sinful life-styles, followed usually in ignorance of  consequences, led to deeper descents into unseen worlds and gave greater power to  the dark angelic world at the top of demonic hierarchies.  At the height of Joe’s underworld power, only constant prayer and fasting from Rev. Jael’s flock were able to disintegrate dark skies and bring in the bursting lights of fire from God’s mighty army.   To stop that light and hold onto claimed souls, the dark hierarchies launched great resistance.  Ob, the chief door keeper and arch-demon over Hollow tree, called on his master, the angel Nishroch, for help to stop the smaller demons enduring much pain from powerful prayer from leaving the battle site.  Rebellious cretins were pushing against Ob to get out.

 “Hell there would be better than hell here,” they yelled, clawing at Ob.

 Nishroch responded with his avalanche of fallen foes.  And then the war in heaven began.

 Universally powerful forces colliding over the right to rule one part of earth.  Both armies enforcing the will of their commanders.  Only one commander had the legitimate right to rule.  The other had usurped the power, and led the troops under him into rebellion.

 God’s hosts, led by Archangel Michael, ever ready to battle, wore bright stoic, even fearless faces; while Satan’s host, under shared leadership by Abandon and Apollyon wore constant grimaces as if in shallow pain, constant anger and deep foreboding.  Michael’s army wore great light as residue from the great throne from which were  dispatched their orders about Hollow Tree.  Apollyon and his troops found that bright light to be most disturbing.  While they usually tried to transform themselves into angels of light as a defense against the light from heaven, their efforts paled in comparison.  Ethereal glory bore hard against the core  lines of evil.

 “Get out of here butt sucker.  This is our territory,” Nisroch’s owlish face screeched to Michael.
 “These are our people.  They have sworn allegiance to us and our league.  You have no room here,”  he yelled as he ordered his men to cover and obscure the light.  (End of Novel Segment)

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