Falling Cities, the Devil’s Tail, and the Battle Rages!

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:38 PM
June 24, 2011

From a chapter in one of Jael’s novels:

 When Joe and Jael first moved up South to Hollow Tree, it was a pleasant enough city with relatively clean air, pure water and lots of healthy green trees. Husbands worked in factories turning nature into metal, and wives tended home duties and grew beautiful flower gardens on the front yards of their small one story row houses.   But, by the time Jonathan was born, and the two babies clung to Jael’s knees, the foundations began to erode.

 A city is the civil tree that should provide minimal care for its people;  it should be: A safety, a sanctuary; A place for work; A place for home;  and A good city (and good nation) should take care of its people.  Its organized workers should take the garbage away, its police should keep the human garbage out, and its pastors should keep the spiritual vermin from roosting overhead.

 Cities are suppose to be green, or at least spotted with green–like, with grass and trees and flowers, shrubs and bushes.  Clean and green, like those cities in Europe, always with scrubbed white walls and fields of blossoming flowers swaying in clear breezes––cities that look safe because they are safe.

 But Hollow Tree’s earlier fathers had allowed the city to slowly decline, evaporating from neglect, attritional abandonment.  By the time that the toddlers were in school, the core of the City’s vital health seemed all but eaten away, only a hollow stump of forgotten people remained.  Sorely dry to the roots for want of urban water’s nutrition, indeed Hollow Tree bore little fruit for its people.

 So many of its richer people had moved across the bridges leading out of town, but Hollow Tree was still the center core of the region.  And, although the outliers had sprouted from the Tree, they wanted to be branches apart, having nothing to do with their core or their roots.

 Trees were not created to be hollow, but to have strong trunks and deep roots, gathering life out of rich soil, storing health-filled water and producing fruits of food and beauty.   But Hollow Tree, the center of Livingston County, had turned into a state of perpetual mourning.   The city was fading away, eroded by dry rivers of white and yellow sludge turning their inhabitants into decadent waste, and city dwellers into disposable people.   Those trees near the river that ringed around the hollow once were the most healthy and hefty anywhere.  But that was when the city’s water of life was pure.  Within a few years after the strange drops of “snow” started to fall, the waters soon darkened with smeared pollution. . . .

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