May God’s Mercy and Grace Rest Upon Japan

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:34 PM
March 14, 2011

As representing both of our organizations, Earth End-New Beginning and the International Association of Truth Telling Women Journalists, we would like to take this time to offer our deepest sympathies and condolences to the people of Japan for this tremendous disaster and human loss.  As we go to press, the earthquake and tsunami flooding have killed some 1,000 Japanese citizens, but over 9,000 remain unaccounted for.  Thus, the death toll will likely surpass 10,000.  And some 200,000 people are displaced from their homes.

 Fifty-foot high walls of trash-filled tsunami flood waters, raging fires, and earthquake destruction, have destroyed massive acres of farm land, homes, and industrial sites.  Some towns lie completely under water.  People still wait to be rescued.  Many cities are without power and water, including some of the nuclear power plants where electricity is essential to run cooling water over spent power coils.  Utility workers there struggle to get control of aging nuclear power plants where unknown amounts of dangerous uranium continuously seeps into the atmosphere.  Thus, a third source of major disaster could be nuclear meltdowns.
 Of course, Christians who were adults in the United States during World War II owe the citizens of Japan an apology.  Realizing that battles are first won or lost in the spiritual realm, Japanese rulers, as followers of traditional Japanese religions at that time, asked America’s military and civilian leadership, this all-important question:  “Who is your God?”  Rather than this confessing Christian nation, testifying of its faith in The Lord Jesus Christ, they answered “moneyed capitalism.”  Thus, rather than sending massive missionary efforts to Japan, the United States sent builders, engineers and businessmen to help restore the country materially and put Japan’s automobile industry back on track.  As a result, today less than one half of one percent, or two to three million people out of the 127.5 million Japanese population claim any type of Christian affiliation.

 This failure of Christian responsibility is one among many sins for which Christian  political, business and church leadership in the United States will face God’s judgment.  Another Christian responsibility:  Christian intercessors today should be praying for Japan and for all nations on earth.  According to faithful Christian messages, it is our duty to intercede for every nation on earth.  And we suspect that we have failed your nation, as well as most of the others, including our own.  So with hearts in hand, again we ask your forgiveness.  We leave you with this message from Psalm 24: 1, “The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”  Therefore, we pray that the mercy and grace of Almighty God rests upon Japan this day and every day as you struggle to recover from this horrific ordeal!

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