“Give ‘Em the ‘Ole Razzle Dazzle”

posted by Jael Ever @ 21:34 PM
February 25, 2011

In the movie “Chicago,” Richard Gere, playing a defense lawyer for several female murderers, has a solo number in which he sings and dances called, “Give ‘em the ‘Ole Razzle Dazzle”––a term for “Flimflam,” fraud or cover-up. His point is that guilty clients will be found innocent––if a good defense lawyer hides facts with foolishness, skews truth with lies, and leads juries astray with all possible trickery.  That is exactly what today’s politicians and media moguls are selling to the American people––Flimflam and Razzle Dazzle.  Keeping the public’s eyes on conflicts overseas, sexual dalliances, shopping holidays, political rivalries, best vacation spots, Hollywood star missteps, Wall Street stock prices, sports crazes, tastiest foods, safest medicines, computer gadgets, human interest stories, etc.––politicians and news media sell Razzle Dazzle to keep people ignorant of the earth’s coming demise caused by Global Warming.

 Of course, the national news media reports the individual numbers of floods, earthquakes, droughts and the like.  But they seldom interview experts who can expose the depth of realities about these events.  While local media cover their own geographical areas, national media, controlled by multi-billion dollar corporations, seem oblivious to the bigger picture.   National and world-wide media may report on things like hot summers or cold winters, but they don’t connect the dots and reach obvious conclusions:  something is terribly out of whack in the earth.  And governments must do all they can to straighten it out.

 Of course “Chicago” is based on gang-land dominance in early 20th century pre-world war days when crime ran  roughshod over citizens and governments.  Only heroes like Elliot Ness stopped such excesses.  But today’s Razzle Dazzlers are much more sophisticated with their outrageous Flimflam.  By controlling media to present those “truths” claimed most essential for every individual’s pleasurable life, these Dazzlers obfuscate the truth about Global Warming, which is the greatest threat to the present survival of all mankind.  And a new generation of Elliot Ness crime-fighters has not come forth.

 In wholesale Christian Bibles, Jesus refers to Satan as the greatest deceiver who schemes “to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10: 10).”  In John 8: 44, He adds that this devil has no truth within himself, because he has been a liar and the father of all lies from the time of his fall.  Satan and his hosts want people ever struggling to attain things they cannot keep, fighting to grasp illusive gossamers, and remaining ignorant of what awaits them in their near and long-term futures. 

 The “Chicago” production won several Academy Awards.  But the question is, what awards await those who only live to give and to get Razzle Dazzling.  One thing is for sure, Almighty and Omniscient God cannot be Razzle Dazzled.  His final production will be the greatest hit of all times, and His awards will be forever.

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