Follow the Sea Shepherds’ Example: Do What You Can Do!

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:53 PM
February 21, 2011

The Sea Shepherds are excellent examples of what earnest people can accomplish to bring down tyranny.  On the Sea Shepherds’ website, Captain Paul Watson explains why the group tries to stop the Japanese fleet from hunting whales in the Southern Ocean: “We are down here because no one else is doing the job.”  In the site’s February, 2010, Commentary, Watson asserts:  “If the signatory nations to the Antarctic Treaty and the International Whaling Commission upheld their responsibilities to enforce these conservation laws, we as a non-governmental organization would not have to do it.”

 Watson goes on to say that for 23 years, international diplomacy had not stopped Japan from poaching whales in the Antarctic.  Even under the supposed protection of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary arranged by both the Treaty and  the Commission, Japan still hunted whales.  The Australian Prime Minister promised to take this illegal poaching to the International Court of Justice.  But Watson insists that “Japan would most likely simply ignore any court ruling,” because Japanese officials view “diplomacy as a perpetual stalling measure to continue the business of slaughtering whales.”

 So, if the whale slaughtering was to stop, there had to be a unique way for “ordinary” people to do it.  Such is the history of America.  England assumed that a few ragtag colonists could not defeat an empire.  But they did.  Betsy Ross couldn’t fight in the Revolutionary War, but she could sew.  And now her flag reminds all Americans of their beloved country.   Rosa Parks couldn’t change 300 years of slavery and segregation.  But she could refuse to get out of a bus seat, thus igniting the start of the Civil Rights Movement.  Now citizens in Egypt, and others in the Middle East, prove what happens when ordinary people do all they can do.

 Speaking of shepherds, a teenage shepherd by the name of David withstood an enemy nation led by a giant hailed as  Goliath.  He killed that giant with one tiny stone flung out of a sling shot because he trusted God and did all that he could do.  Likewise, relevant Christian messages would say that it is time for more people to follow the Sea Shepherds, and these other heroes, by doing all that they can do!

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