Computers Under Attack, But God’s Plan for End of Time Marches On

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:19 PM
July 21, 2015

computer-problemsWriting for the whole crew to inform you that–like our friends at Extinction Protocol and Utopia Collapse–our websites have been sabotaged .  At first our articles were slow to get out, now it is virtually impossible on existing equipment.

But thanks to local libraries and the assistance of Taryn at I.E., we can at least get this announcement to you in order to briefly cover the following issues:

First, expect the drought in California to get worse.  Before the end of the year prices will begin to increase as that state is the nation’s bread basket–or least its major source for fruits and vegetables.  One site reports that some souls in California must walk at least a mile to get a drink of water.  The stress is being kept quiet in the press, while scientists and technologists work furiously to find ways to make ocean water useful for some industrial purposes, and even perhaps to make it drinkable.  Plus farmers hire out weggie holders with poles and spears to look for the best places to drill for underground water.

Second, more whacky weather is on the way.  East coast and mid-western states now experience more autumn-like than summer days, with low clouds looming overhead promising and usually bringing hours storm-warningsof wind and rainfall.

But while avoiding discussion of such weather anomalies, local and national news and weather ‘experts’ prefer to put eyes on ‘marvelous’ pictures of the planet Pluto.  How many billions of dollars are spent for some who deny Christ to view a world they will never see or experience. How do they plan to justify such horrors before God on that  great judgment day when their human responsibilities on earth perish for lack of food, clean drinking water, medical care, etc. Surely, one day they will understand their enormous waste of God’s resources, but by then it will be far too late.

Check your wholesale Christian Bibles for ‘last days’ and ‘end of time’ prophecies, which will verify that we indeed live on the end of planet earth as we know it.  As the brother on Utopia (and in his book of the same name) proves continuously mankind is destroying Planet Earth, and indeed technology may be helping that end to come ever quicker. Also see our sister site, World’s Collide, to get detailed reports on world events and nations which show that World War III is closer than most people realize.

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