Animals Going Extinct: Butterflies & Birds Interfere with Money Plans

posted by John J. Jr. @ 18:33 PM
August 19, 2014

birds-going-extinct    So many creatures in the animal world now face extinction that the kids asked me to summarize as much as I could in a few posts. While the world looks at some 1,200 people now killed by the Ebola virus, it takes scant notice of thousands of gorillas that virus has killed. In the same way, man ignores the millions of birds and land fowls killed to stop the various H1++/N1++ diseases.

Like elephants, sea otters are vital to survival for much flora and sea animals. Yet their numbers are down by the millions and now few can survive.  Melting Arctic poles greatly threaten penguin colonies. And have you heard that these giant solar panels are so hot that they scorch birds to death as they fly?

David Yarnold, President of the National Audubon Society, writes: “The Army Corps of Engineers wants to kill at least 16,000 Double-crested Cormorants — more than 25 percent of the entire western North America cormorant population.  It’s a misdirected effort to reduce avian predation on endangered salmon. . . it won’t do much to help the salmon. . . it will devastate the cormorants.
“The cormorants live and nest on East Sand Island, a globally-significant Important Bird Area (IBA) in Oregon’s lower Columbia River estuary. The cormorants do eat salmon, but that’s not why the fish are in trouble. The real culprits are dams, pollution, habitat loss, and an array of other factors.”
In ‘Two New South Florida Butterfly Species Listed as Endangered,‘ UPI reporter Brooks Hays reveals: “The U.S. florida-leaf-wing-butterfly-lgFish and Wildlife Service has named two new South Florida butterfly species, the Bartram’s hairsteak and Florida leaf wing, to the endangered species list––triggering additional protections for thousands of acres of critical habitat.” If enforced, these rulings will save other creatures as well.

Why ‘if enforced’?  Well, Hays explains, if the new regulations take place September 11, passage will interfere with “ . . . several hundred acres surround the Zoo Miami, including a chunk of land where the county wants to build an Orlando-style amusement park,” as well as “a piece of property where a Palm Beach County developer aims to erect a Walmart-anchored mixed-use development.”

Had not some stealthy businessmen and unethical wild life workers colluded for years to stop authentic scientific studies to protect wildlife, USFWS would have been able to stop construction of these only ‘potential’ money-making developments altogether.  But now laws will only “require developers to do their due diligence in minimizing their impact on butterfly habitat.”

USFWS biologist Mark Salvato says: “Anything that’s going to be done with these animals has to have our review. We’re not to the finish line yet, but it would be pretty bad if someone knew this was going forward and rushed to mow down butterfly habitat.” This may help. But truthfully, few butterflies are left on earth.

According to Christian prayer books, when church leaders in the Old Testament led prayer services, they cried to God: “Thou, even Thou, art LORD alone; Thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and Thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth Thee (Nehemiah 9: 6).”

These men led their congregations to worship God because of His creation.  They understood that the universe––including all on this Earth––belongs to God. If mere mortals think they can destroy parts of God’s Earth––including His animal kingdoms––whenever they want to, they face devastating astonishment come judgment day!

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