Global Warming and the Return of Ancient Diseases

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June 5, 2014

Diseases-Ancient-Greece      Americans long accepted perspectives of: 1)  First World medically-cleansed societies; 2) Excessively viral environments as Third World problems; and 3) Illusions of rare diseases as ‘new.’  But results of Global Warming, smarter germs, and ‘scientific diggings for the dead’ unveil truths about resurrected ancient illnesses, and increasingly dispel myths about current diseases.

Highly successful medical professions, well-researched and funded drug industries, and firm federal governmental support seem to insure healthier futures for American people. But militantly resistant viruses weaken those protectors.

Around the world, floods from Global Warming deliver diseases to formerly healthy nations.  Zelijko Paradzik shows in ‘Similarities of Survival: Experiencing the Floods in Bosnia’ how Global Warming endangers a nation’s health:

“All of us were refugees within hours––thousands of people now homeless, sick and socially endangered. . . the Posavina region is an area of rivers, animals and forest, there is a great risk that deadly diseases could reach epidemic proportions, given the smothered animals, insects and high temperatures.”

Kara Rogers posits in ‘The Return of Ancient Viruses: Freed from Glaciers in a Warming World’: “Viruses are paragons of . . . persistence made indefinite by the ability to lie dormant for many years and in extreme environments.

“As temperatures rise, mosquitoes and other animal carriers of infectious diseases will expand their populations into areas that were once too cool to support [them].  This incites the spread of tropical diseases such as yellow fever, Ebola, and dengue . . . environmental ice can serve as a reservoir for ancient and potentially infectious agents but also that viruses from the past may be released periodically from glaciers as they melt and are eroded over time.”

In ‘6 Diseases Back from the Dead,’ writes: “Plague, TB, and measles seem like illnesses of the history books or infections beaten back by modern science.  But once-vanquished diseases are now reemerging” globally.

The article concludes the Plague (Black Death), Leptospirosis, Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Dengue Fever, and Measles Plague-identibiable-diseasehave been around for thousands of years, and are increasingly diagnosed as illnesses in the U.S.

In ‘Return of the Black Death: Ancient Bug Plagues Us Once Again,”      Etan Smallman discloses: “Scientists warn a strain of plague that killed more than 100 million people could rise from the dead and strike again.

“Characterized by painful swellings, or buboes, in the lymph nodes, bubonic plague––or the Black Death––killed an estimated 25 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages. . . commonly transmitted by flea bites . . .”

Ann Widdecombe adds leprosy and rickets to the list in ‘Ancient Diseases Return.’ “More than 130 countries last year reported leprosy.”. . rickets have increased four-fold in 15 years––because children do not get enough vitamin D.

When America was a stronger Christian nation, she was healthier.  But, in her weaker state of faith in God, the nation will find His protections waning. Christians must ask God to restore authentic ministries of healing to the Body of Christ.  As wholesale Christian Bibles promise: “But the manifestation of The Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. . .to another the gifts of healing by The Same Spirit . . . (1 Corinthians 12:7 – 9).

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