Hello Global Warming! Massive Droughts/‘Dead’ Water Everywhere

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 11:37 AM
March 6, 2014

Fish-dying-drought    As California fights droughts and soil-erosions, the rest of the U.S. still watch drought-dry lands.  It’s the same story around the world––Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East––drought, poisoned water or no water at all.

Either Americans have no concern about drought in other countries, or as most here only receive ‘pre-approved news,’ the United States primarily stays very isolated from news about drought in other parts of the world.

Alonso Soto and Luciana Otoni of reuters.com say drought in Brazil has “. . . has depleted reservoirs in Brazil’s industrial southeast and sapped output at hydroelectric plants, forcing utilities to turn to more expensive thermal energy to guarantee power supplies and avoid further blackouts or even rationing.”

American Dream Guest Post writes in ‘The Drought In Brazil Has Gotten So Bad That 142 Cities Are Now Rationing Water’:  “ . . .some neighborhoods are only being allowed to get water once every three days?  At this point, 142 Brazilian cities are rationing water and there does not appear to be much hope that this crippling drought is going to end any time soon.”

In “Millions Face Drought, Famine and Climate Change on the Eastern Horn of Africa, Heather Libby claims:  “Right now in the Eastern Horn of Africa, more than ten million people are struggling through the worst drought in six decades. Many countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti stand on the brink of famine, and there is little or no likelihood of improvement . . . .”

Drought is so sever in Queensland, Australia that charities launched the 2014 Drought Appeal to aid farmers. In ‘Lifeline’s Drought Appeal,’ Melody Labinsky quotes Charity head Derek Tuffield,: “She spoke about a number of farmers in her area who were reporting they were out of fuel for their motor vehicle, struggling to put food on the table and ultimately would struggle to pay for utilities.”

In ‘Europe Seen Facing More Droughts This Century on Climate Change,’ Rudy Ruitenberg of Bloomberg.com reports on a study by European Union’s Joint Research Center and Germany’s University of Kassel, published in the journal, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.:

“Many river basins, particularly in southern Europe, will probably become more prone to periods of reduced water supply as average global temperatures rise. . . Minimum river flows may fall as much as 40 percent in Spain and Portugal and the south of France and Italy.” In the past 30 years droughts in Europe have cost $ 136 billion dollars.  And those experts contend that figure will only rise.

themalaymailonline.com forecasts: ‘Drought Threatens Southeast Asia Food Prices as Haze Worsens’: “The DRY RIVER BEDdrought parching Singapore and swaths of Malaysia and Indonesia threatens to raise food prices, slow economic growth and disrupt water supply in the region, home to the world’s oldest tropical rain forests.”

Kyle James writes that Europe is turning to desalination as a solution.  And in West Virginia and other parts of the globe, people turn to processes of harvesting rainwater. Of course that West Virginia water was poisoned by coal processing plant run-offs. While people struggle to get clean drinkable water, few government officials attack the root causes of Global Warming––an over-industrialized planet.

Man needs few things to live: food, water and air.  Food depends on water. Christians around the world must pray for rain, and for governments to start more vigorous fights against Global Warming.

Just as God provided for Israel in water-less deserts after their escape from Egypt, wholesale Christian Bibles repeat He can do it again:  “He brought streams also out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers (Psalms 78: 16).”

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