Man’s Trashy Garbage on Earth, In Oceans & Now in Space

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November 7, 2013

hi-space-junk0_1762594c    Trashy garbage has become a major hallmark of human existence.  It is dumped on and buried under the earth. But a world full of land seems insufficient for man’s junk. Thus, it now floats atop streams, lakes and seas––enough to create multiple football-fields of uninhabitable dead zones, robbing sea life of food. And now nations sending men and machines into space clutter its atmosphere as well.

In ‘Wasted Space: U.S. Military Looking for Ideas on How to Curb the Threat of Orbiting Junk,’ John Matson reveals: “Gazing up into the sky on a clear night, the heavens can appear as pristine as a mountain stream. But in truth, at least in Earth’s vicinity, the trash factor in space may be more akin to what is found in New York City’s East River.”

He explains that space ventures from so many nations has even left enough discarded junk orbiting around this planet to cause multiple space ‘accidents.’  Apparently, after ‘scientists’ play their space games, they leave “spent boosters [and] other satellite requirements” whizzing around on their ‘space streets.’

“As of July, when NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office published its most recent quarterly newsletter, roughly 15,000 pieces of space junk were being tracked in orbit by military monitors. (That catalogue only includes debris 10 centimeters or larger—roughly softball-size and up.)

“More than 2,500 of those fragments originated from a 2007 Chinese missile test in which a satellite was deliberately destroyed; another 1,100 stem from an accidental collision in February between a defunct Russian satellite and a functional communications satellite owned by a U.S. firm.”

Soooo. Now the military seeks to set up a ‘Superfund’ to pay for the clean-up of man’s ‘in space’ discards.  Otherwise, there will be more be more accidents.  Even fatal ones.  Thus, the U.S. military’s DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), implies no more trips into space authorized until private space companies ‘pony up’ for the ‘Superfund.’

David Wright’s article, ‘Where Did All That Space Debris Come From?’, informs: “In recent years the number of large xin_442020612215678125891objects tracked by U.S. military sensors and listed in the official government catalogue has reached an all-time high of around 15,000 pieces of debris, plus about 1,000 active satellites.

“The very high speed of objects in orbit means that debris as small as a centimeter can seriously damage or destroy a satellite. And debris can linger in orbit for decades or longer at high altitudes so it builds up as more is produced.  The risk of collision between large objects in low Earth orbit has doubled in the last five years.  The chance that an operating satellite in the heavily used altitudes . . . will be hit by a large piece of debris in its lifetime is now likely.”

So now they fear that swiftly orbiting junk will crash into men-driven space craft, or rockets or satellites!  Hmmm.  More junk.  Honestly, Jael should have given this story to her new reporter, Cecil Certifier, who relates such accounts of insanity.  Indeed, whether on land, or ocean or in space, man’s wasteful refuge floating around God’s universe is absolutely crazy.

In wholesale Christian Bibles, God declares judgment against such inane foolishness as to clutter His earth and skies with useless junk:  “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient (Romans; 1: 28).”

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