New Blogger Cecil Certifier Abashed at India Going to Mars!

posted by Cecil Certifier @ 16:50 PM
October 23, 2013

Rev. Repriestly:  Hi everyone.  Dr. Ever has asked me to introduce a new addition to our staff.  His name is Cecil Certifier, and Jael added him to address items that we consider are too ‘insane’ for our more serious reporters––who deal with such subjects as Global Warming, seeping nuclear waste, new diseases, etc.

Povety-IndiaCecil Certifier:  Thank you so much Rev. Repriestly.  The first thing Dr. Ever asked me to cover is the insanity of a nation like India––overflowing with billions of citizens living in dire poverty––plans to send a space missions to Mars.

Another new reporter is working on space travel issues, but any items Dr. Ever believes border on insanity, in any realm of earth or space, she assigns to me.  So I started my study looking at Indian society and its ‘need’ for space travel.

Get this!  Wikipedia says that India is “estimated to have a third of the world’s poor.”  That would be over two billion people.  The World Bank agrees, claiming that 32.7% of India’s population falls below the international poverty line of $ 1.25 a day, and 68.7% live on less than $ 2.00 a day.

Also, the last United Nations Development Program adds that 29.8% of Indians live below standard poverty lines.  And the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative insists that eight states in India have more poor people than 26 of the poorest African nations.

Yet this nation now has money to send rocket ships to Mars!!!????  But then you know in this 21st century world, public relations means everything.  Sooo, India’s political leaders decided to play ‘more favorable’ havoc with poverty stats!  Simply readjust what is considered the poverty line.

Sooo, while India distributes food aid to 67% of its population, it now claims that only 21.9% of the population is actuallylittle-kids-povety-India poor.  This way, the in-power Congress Party can claim it has helped to bring down poverty––just like China.

The difference is, India is not China! Presently only five countries plan missions to Mars:  the U.S., Russia, EU, China and Japan.  The United States, China and Japan are the first, second and third richest countries in the world.  The EU is made up of over 28 countries.

And Russia has historically been in the same league, even if not now.  These countries don’t admit to having poverty levels anywhere near India’s.  So how can the Indian Space Research Organization even exist, much less go to Mars.

Last July some 6,000 people in Dehradun, India, were killed when flash floods and mudslides washed away less than shanty shacks, poorly constructed tourists hotels, and squallers living on mats and rags over rough dirt roads.

Yes.  Now I see why Jael hired me.  This is absolutely certifiably insane!  India is not a Christian nation, but nonetheless it will be judged for such callous disregard for its countrymen.  As Amos cries out in wholesale Christian Bibles:

“For I know your manifold transgressions and your mighty sins: they afflict the just, they take a bribe, and they turn aside the poor in the gate from their right (5: 12).”  And they risk the wrath of God, just to go to Mars where men have no right to be.  Insane!  As are all nations that invest in such space travel foolishness!

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