Time to Work ‘For The Night Is Coming When No Man Can Work’!

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:33 PM
September 12, 2013

work-for-the-night-is-coming    At around 8 p.m. last evening, during a vicious thunder storm, the TV flashed “just a minute” and then shut down as the power went off: telephone, computers, alarm systems, everything!  My son and I scrambled to find candles, working flashlights, anything with lights, to no avail.

We decided to drive to any store to find batteries and candles before my daughter got home from her sales office.  And I wanted to stop by the internet store  so I could email Karen T, the faithful worker at I.E. Plexus internet sales company, asking if she could re-run some old blogs for me, until our power was back on.  After all, these days, one never knows how long one has to sit in darkness!

But, alas, the internet store sat in total darkness, as did McDonald’s, and the grocery and drug stores, even stop lights––everything we counted on for normal life in this post-modern age––was gone.  It was all too quiet and all too dark!

I thought about the time power was off for weeks on the East Coast during a cold winter, when angry husbands, as his family tramped back home from night-sleep shelter, vowed to buy emergency power sources.  I wonder if they ever did.

After driving for miles, we saw an opened pharmacy where we purchased batteries, candles and even snacks, as a warm dinner cooked on our electric-powered gas range was out.

We drove home in time to see my daughter’s truck pulling into the driveway.  With unusual cheerfulness, as she struggles to build a career in a declining job market, she assures me:  “Don’t worry Mom, lights will be back on soon.”

Now with candles flickering to fight the darkness, I settled down and tried to sleep. But could not. What if power would never be restored, as in warnings about EMP attacks, deliberate electromagnetic pulse devices?

As Michael Snyder writes in ‘Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No The-Night-Cometh-John-9-4Internet’: “Just imagine a world where nobody has power, most cars will not start, the Internet has been fried, the financial system is offline indefinitely, nobody can make any phone calls and virtually all commerce across the entire country is brought to a complete stop.”

These thoughts kept my mind whirling.  I thought about blogs and books I had put off writing, while I fiddled with word puzzles or took too many unneeded naps.  And I searched for verses from wholesale Christian Bibles in my mind, trying to remember Our LORD’s admonishment:  “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work (John 9: 4).”

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