Blood, Guns or Money: Which Do Lawmakers Value Most?

posted by Jael Ever @ 1:56 AM
January 15, 2013

        National Rifle Association (NRA) officials insist they have contributed enough money to Congressional politicians to stop any assault weapons ban.  Having spent some $ 17 million in last year’s political races, the organization expects America’s political leaders to value their money over a child’s blood.

Emerging from the shadows, replacing bombastic spokesman Wayne LaPierre, NRA President David Keene, argues the NRA needs to get even more than the millions they already receive from gun and ammunition manufacturers.

Fighting against any attempt by national leaders to re-establish the assault weapons ban, or background checks covering all gun purchases, or the size of multi-round gun clips, Keene looks to the size of NRA’s contributions to Congress.

Over the weekend, Keene condemned any attempts to ban assault weapons or the hundred-plus magazine bullets each such rifle can carry. “We don’t think any of those things work. Our objection to those things is that they interfere with people’s rights without doing anything to solve the problem.”

The only concession he would accept is a data base of the mentally ill to prevent them from purchasing firearms.  Otherwise, Keene promised the NRA would make it extremely difficult for any other recommendations from Vice President’s Commission on gun control to get pass Congress. writes: “A 2011 report from the Violence Policy Center determined that 74 percent––or as much as $38.9 million––of the up to $52 million corporations had contributed to the NRA over six years had come from the firearms industry.”

And because of those continuing millions, Keene expects Congress to vote against gun safety.  He believes that NRA money is powerful enough to cause American leaders to ignore the blood of those 20 children at Sandy Hook School, or those 260 children gunned down in Chicago in the last three years alone, etc.

However, other Americans are organizing to oppose NRA efforts to resist better gun safety.  Arizona shooting victim,  former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, and her husband astronaut Mark Kelley, have formed a political action committee ‘Americans for Responsible Solutions,’ to raise significant funding.

Also, parents of Sandy Hook victims, have organized against opposition to gun safety.  Called, the Sandy Hook Promise Group, victims’ parents aim to have communities around the country begin serious discussions about gun safety.

Such organizations as these signal not only finances but votes.  Soon––as the Sandy Hook massacre should already demand––the question before every Congressperson and Senator will be:  “Do I choose NRA gun money or the future shed blood of America’s children and adult victims of that gun lobby?”

Used Christian Bibles relate that the blood of Abel, murdered by his brother Cain, still speaks to God (Hebrews 11: 4 and 12: 24).  NRA and Congress members should understand that the blood of gun victims also speaks to Him and thus should be speaking to them as well!

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