New America Untamed Wild, Wild West: Our Nation Morns! Part 3

posted by Jael Ever @ 3:03 AM
December 20, 2012

        Since facts are few, do you think we should ask questions?  Or should we just expect answers to be found in the ‘intensity’ of mainstream journalism’s reporting on the Sandy Hook massacre?  Don’t you think we should ask?

After several mass killings in this decade, why has the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) not had a permanent director in six years?  Has the National Rife Association (NRA) blocked this appointment in Congress?

Why are cars registered, numbered, and licensed upon purchase and yearly, and fuels for them taxed federally, and guns are not licensed or taxed consistently on purchase, nor is ammunition for these death machines taxed or accounted for?

Why does the NRA arrange the election of certain people in the Congress and Senate?  What political interests would gun owners and gun manufacturers have for such control?  Do they run politicians, or do the people who elect them?

Why does the NRA push back against gun control when over 70% of their members support calls for sensible gun accountability?  Who runs the NRA, its dues-paying members, or profit-making gun dealers and gun manufacturers?

Why do present laws demand background checks on fire arms sold over store counters, but not for those sold at gun shows or over the internet?  In fact, why should killers (such as alleged Denver theater shooter James Holmes) be able to buy guns, quick murder rifles and other unlimited killing machines over the internet?  Why is it possible to buy weapons of annihilation on the internet?

Why are there laws for building codes; laws demanding owners clean up their dog’s poop; laws about car speed and seat belts; laws demanding registration of domestic pets; laws for fire codes; laws to keep poisons, rot, molds, etc. out of foods in grocery stores; laws to keep animals and their meat safe in packing plants; laws regulating the sale and distribution of liquors and cigarettes;

Laws about tags on clothing; laws against trash littering streets and highways; laws that control hospitals, doctors, medicines, and drugs in the health industry; laws about crowd control; laws about tags on mattresses; laws about the number of rest rooms in restaurants, department stores and other public places; laws about the number of occupants in an auditorium or party room, etc., etc.––

And NO enforceable laws for the annual registration, control, inspection and federal, as well as annual, taxation of gun killing machines?  So, if governments can enact all of these and more laws––most of which have little to do with saving lives––why can’t our leaders enact better controls of these death machines?

Does this imbalance of laws in ‘the greatest nation on earth’ make sense to any sane person? Can the NRA answer that question at least?  Does God’s Word have the answer?  Did He not say in wholesale Christian Bibles:  “. . . choose you this day whom ye will serve . . . (Joshua 24: 15)?  Will our lawmakers serve us with good laws that make common sense, or will they serve the NRA?

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