Malfeasance: Need Urgent Re-examinations in Meningitis Outbreak!

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October 18, 2012

Doctors and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) are urging other doctors and hospitals with patients who have received spinal or joint injections from the New England Compounding Center (NECC) vials in the last few months to re-examine these patients immediately!  Victims have died with this Meningitis infection, and the disease has not been discovered until after their autopsies.

In additional developments:  1) Special FDA  agents raided NECC laboratories in Framingham, Massachusetts, origin of the Meningitis infections; 2) Other investigators are looking into that Center’s connection to addictive drugs; 3) The military and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut are concerned that NECC shipped unauthorized drugs to a military base and 4) Additional NECC drugs are thought to be likewise infected.

Julie Steenhuysen of Reuters announced:  “U.S. doctors in Baltimore said early diagnosis and treatment of patients at risk of fungal meningitis is vital, based on the case of an otherwise healthy woman who declined rapidly after receiving steroid injections for neck pain.”

The 51-year old woman reported to a hospital emergency room with severe headaches a week after receiving her first injection with NECC’s poisonous medicine on August 31.  She did not have a compromised immune system, and she wasn’t taking long-term medications.  Returning with more severe symptoms, she was admitted.  Doctors tried antibiotics and other drugs, but she continued to decline.  She died 10 days later, the same day that doctors discovered evidence of NECC’s Exserohilum in her spinal fluids.

Steenhuysen writes that because of this case, doctors must know the symptoms of fungal meningitis, and begin rapid treatment.  “The CDC advises patients who feel ill and are concerned they were injected with one of the recalled products to contact their physician,” even if injections were given months ago!

Senator Blumenthal wrote the Department of Defense for information on specialized medicines NECC’s sister company, Ameridose, sent the Army’s Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu for use in the neonatal intensive care unit there.

“I am deeply concerned that this contract exposed numerous military families to a drug produced by a compounding center that was unregistered with the FDA and un-inspected for safety and effectiveness,” wrote Blumenthal, who has been asking for a criminal investigation of NECC for some time.

As a result of the raid, FDA official Janet Woodcock advises that based on the plant and other factors, “we really can’t assure the sterility of these products.”

We will continue this story tomorrow.  For now, pray for families affected by this needless outbreak.  And keep in mind God’s promises in wholesale Christian Bibles:  “But unto you that fear My Name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings (Malachi 4: 2).”

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