Europe Sinks Deeper Into Depressions: Suicides, Abandoned Babies

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 15:21 PM
October 17, 2012

    In addition to violent protest riots––rising suicides, impoverished families and abandoned babies are increasing among nations in the European Union (EU) hardest hit by Germany’s austerity program.   Once it was thought that only Greece was undergoing spikes in suicides, but now Italy, Spain, and even England––among the richest EU nations––all experience the same self-death rates.

Holly Ellyatt, of CNBC, writes: “Europe is approaching a crisis as the region’s . . . austerity measures increase the rates of depression, suicide and psychological problems––as governments cut healthcare spending by up to 50 percent.”

Italy has seen a sharp rise in the number of  ‘austerity suicides.’  CNN reports women whose husbands killed themselves formed a group called ‘Vedove Bianche,’ white widows, to illustrate austerity’s human costs.  “. . . [they] are the most recent example of the emotional toll . . .  [of] austerity measures.”

A recent study in the ‘British Medical Journal’ claims that more than 1,000 people in the England’s United Kingdom may have killed themselves because of the recession.  Ellyatt also reports “. . . an increase in the incidence of alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression and requests for abortions due to economic reasons, anecdotal evidence borne out by statistics for anti-depressant requests.”

Moreover, across Europe the number of babies and young children abandoned in churches, clinics, hospitals and ‘baby hatches’ is sky-rocketing.  Hatches notify care-takers that a child has been left at the site.  Extinction Protocol 2012 and Yahoo Finance issued a report from SOS Villages, a European charity working to help families in financial hardship:

“. . . in the last year alone 1,200 children in Greece and 750 in Italy have been abandoned. That is almost double the 400 children abandoned in Italy a year ago, and up from 114 children abandoned in Greece . . . adoption rates in Greece and Italy have risen by 20 percent in the last two years, . . .”

While EU leaders insist such poverty is only among immigrants, George Protopapas, SOS Greek director, says:  “In the past year, SOS Greece has had a 150 percent increase in applications for all kinds of support, . . . and 87 percent of applicants are Greeks. . . Data from the Hellenic Statistical Authority shows that 27.7 percent of Greeks are now facing penury or poverty.”

This all sounds like an 18th century Charles Dickens novel.  How could this economic catastrophe come to well-endowed First World nations?  It is happening because one country––Germany––wants all of Europe under the heel of her command to march into World War III.  As wholesale Christian Bibles teach:  “ . . . he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough (Proverbs 28:19).”  Germany is Europe’s ‘vain person.’  She is the Black Horse of the Apocalypse bringing poverty, famine and death (Revelations 6:5-7).

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