Save God’s Whales From One Nation’s Slaughter?

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:59 AM
August 30, 2010

Do you know that whales were the ONLY specifically-named non-human animal that God created, as stated in Genesis 1: 20 – 23? Did you know that God commanded whales to be fruitful and multiply before He uttered the same words to human beings? Did you know that God blessed whales, even before he created Adam and Eve and blessed them? Does this give you any idea of the esteem in which God holds whales? Did you know that in several Bible passages God indicates that He is very proud of whales as an outstanding example of His creative work? Do you know that God uses whales to transport people, as in the case of Jonah?

 And did you know that, from the 1950s to the 1980s, whale hunters and whaling nations had killed the total population of whales almost to extinction? Are you not aware that only an overwhelming vote by the United Nations made all whale hunting illegal? Of course you read the recent United Nations report which states: “Whaling represents one of the world’s worst environmental failures . . .”? But is it not clear that, in this instance, the near-extinction of all whales on the face of the earth cannot be blamed on Global Warming, that it is merely among a long list of man-made disasters? And do you know that the United Nations still determines whale fishing to be illegal? And are you not aware that now, in defiance of international law, Japan is slaughtering as many whales as they can find–especially if they can slaughter them away from the eyes of the rest of the world’s population?

 An even more pertinent question: did you know that Japan is planning on killing 10,000 whales in the next few years? And have you not heard the flimsy Japanese excuse that they want to kill whales for scientific research? Did you not know that most other civilized countries that once depended upon the whaling industry for sustainable incomes have converted to a whale-watching tourist industry, because it is more profitable and humane than making money by killing whales? Surely, you know that Japan has refused to follow their example? And, of course you do know that Japan does not need the meat from murdered whales, that they already have a glut of this meat stacked up in national freezers? And you do understand that Japan continues to defy international law because they consider such laws to be against their pride in a historical culture of whale hunting?
 Do you wonder what God thinks of those who want to shed the blood of whales for such pride and little profit? How do you think He reacts to scenes as shown in these photos?  Why not read Genesis Chapter One in wholesale Christian Bibles to understand The Creator’s pride in His beloved whales.  How do you think His pride in creating them measures up against Japan’s pride in kidding them?  And don’t you think it is time to go into wholesale Christian books and read more about the coming judgments for those who so transgress God’s boundaries, and for others who indifferently allow them to do so without protest?

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