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January 25, 2012

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All Earth-End reporters, editors and prayer teams are full to the brim with work assignments, so chief Editor, Jael Ever asked us to gather stories from our members around the world to publish the latest news about dangers in the animal kingdom.

 But us kids scratch our heads ‘cause we’ve been reporting the same things for years:  poachers still kill rhinos and elephants for their horns; tigers still slip toward extinction because people still their lands; Sea Shepherds still confront Japanese whale hunters; Japanese fishermen still kill sharks for their fins; birds are still sick; bees mysteriously disappear; bears are killed in Alaska; fish populations continue to wear thin; and harsh heartless people still slaughter seals.

 So the kids on our NBGI board wants us to ask:  “When will adults ever learn that it is our job to take care of nature, not destroy it?”

 Just this week, South Africa said it must add more park rangers because of “an alarming jump in the number of rhinos slain by poachers for their horns.”  In Kruger National Park alone, poachers have killed some 252 rhinos, including the severely endangered black rhinos.  The problem is that no price seems to be too high for those in China and Vietnam who yearn for rhino horn power.

 Only one hotel chain in Hong Kong agreed to stop serving shark fin soup.  A luxury hotel, Shangri-La has 72 hotels with restaurants around the world. Shangri-La owners also promised to stop serving Bluefin tun and Chilean sea bass within a year, because these fish are also threatened with extinction.  The Peninsula Hotels group had promised to ban shark fin soup two months earlier, but all other international hotel groups––including Four Seasons, Hilton, Nikko and Regal––plan to continue this menu item.  AFP tells our reports that 73 million sharks are killed every year to make this soup, and now 180 shark species are threatened.

 But other fish are joining sharks in this rush to extinction.  Kids in Sydney, Australia, say the news there is that carbon dioxide (CO2) fumes are affecting brains and nerves of fish, along with everything else that is killing them.  In the journal “Nature,” scientists claim, of course, that climate change causes this gas.

 Other scientists from Purdue University now say that increasing levels of neonicotinoid insecticides––clothianidin and thiamethoxam––are highly toxic to bees.  “It’s like death by a thousand cuts for these bees,” one scientist said.

 We will have more on these and other animal stories tomorrow.  For now, we wish grown-ups would remember what God said about our responsibility for animals in wholesale Christian Bibles.  As we are made in His image and likeness, “dominion” over animals in Genesis 1: 26 does not mean the right to destroy them!

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