Whale of a Way to Go

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:51 AM
August 3, 2010

As if being hunted by Japanese or denied breeding grounds by Russians were not enough, it now appears that whales are dying at astonishing rates from poisonous ocean pollutants, and the lack of adequate food supplies.  And these phenomena may well be related because mountains of human waste discarded in oceans in past years create poisonous dead zones that ultimately eliminate food stuffs necessary for whale survival.  Massive over-fishing could also contribute to whale starvation.

 Brian Merchant reports in Treehugger.com that 168 pilot whales had mysteriously washed up on New Zealand shores in the first two months of this year.  Most were either dead or had to be euthanized because of severe suffering. There is increasing evidence that whales may be dying from starvation.  For example, scientists say some Pacific gray whales are actually dying from starvation caused by dwindling food supplies.  Reporting these findings to the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Stephen Palumbi said, “Our antennas should be asking if the ocean is capable of supporting life the way it used to.”

 In 2005, Pierre Beland published his revealing book, Beluga: A Farewell to Whales, in which he established that these valued Beluga whales were dying from cancer caused by ocean pollution.  That pollution is initiated by more than negligent business scions, who believe it is their right to dump agricultural and industrial garbage in the ocean.  Beland’s research showed that even the milk of the dead whales had 10 times the PCBs considered safe for human consumption.  Thus, these deadly poisons are passed on to baby whales, even as they grow up in waters full of polluting waste products.

 Genesis Chapter One says that whales are the crowning beings of God’s recreation of earth.  Those collectively responsible for whale poisoning or starvation should start repenting, because their judgment awaits.  Repentance means changing behavior and trying to make amends––in this case cleaning the junk, chemicals and plastics out of oceans, and stopping excessive commercial fishing.  In the assumed absence of such change, those guilty parties, including the government officials who don’t stop them, and the indifferent citizens who fail to protest these quiet murders––should prepare to meet their God.  Study wholesale Christian Bibles to find out more about that judgment!

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