Gently Used Christian Bibles

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 20:04 PM
July 27, 2010

I love to read the Bible every night before I go to sleep. It gives me such comfort to read this and then fall asleep. I have some friends that go to church with me every Sunday and they use the church’s Bible when the pastor is delivering the service.

I told them how important it is for me to read the Bible every night and asked them if they ever feel that way. Both of them responded that they do not own a Bible but would love to read it before bedtime. I was shocked! I did not know that people may not own a Bible. I started looking online and found that I could buy gently used Christian Bibles. I was so pleased by the picture and the price that I purchased two of them online for my friends. I believe that everyone should have a Bible.

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