Snow Leopard: Another Endangered Species

posted by Jael Ever @ 19:52 PM
May 18, 2011

Like most of the large mammals in the world, the leopard is an endangered species.  And among the several species of leopard and its cousin cats, the snow leopard is nearest to extinction.  As with most animals on earth––loss of habitat, deforestation, farmers protecting their herds and slimming food sources contribute to that status.  But in the case of the snow leopard, poaching for its gorgeous fur is the leading cause of its rapid demise.  And, of course, some herbalists in Asia insists that snow leopard body parts are needed for medicinal purposes. Living in the mountains of Pakistan, India-administered Jammu and Kashmir, the Himalayas, and Mongolia, the snow leopard has great talent for elusively blending into landscapes––but not enough to stop hunters anxious for the millions it gets for its pelts on the black market.

 Because of its exquisite beauty, this leopard has high international regard.  Stiff penalties for poachers and illegal international fur traders greatly enhance its protection as an endangered species.  But as yet, coordinated government efforts have done little to protect the animal.  For instance, early last year, the Mongolian government decided to allow foreigners to hunt the leopards, but only for “scientific purposes.”   But the Snow Leopard Network, a world-wide organization dedicated to snow leopard conservation, flooded that government with so many letters of protest, reminding that council that this leopard is a highly endangered species and must be protected.

 That may be one small victory in the much larger war that responsible citizens of the world are waging against those who would drive every animal to extinction that would enrich the coffers of animal poachers who have no morals and no regard for anyone or anything on earth but themselves and their pocketbooks. There are some people that only God can stop.  Thankfully, wholesale Christian Bibles makes clear that He absolutely will do so in man’s  final hunting season!

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