The Diluted Arrogance of Not Knowing

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:41 PM
May 3, 2011

Aha! So now we have the great media “scientific” backlash against those of us who insist that the freakish tornado havoc reeling death and destruction through the Southern United States last week were caused by Global Warming!  When reporting on the storms’ devastation most in mainstream media don’t even mention Global Warming.  Many quickly disavow that the storms have any connection with Global Warming.  Even esteemed Forbes Magazine, sets forth James Taylor in “Global Warming Taking The Wind Out of Tornadoes.”  He posits that because a single tornado can cause more than a billion dollars in damages, it lends opportunity “every year for alarmists to exploit tornado outbreaks and spread the myth that global warming is to blame.” Taylor accuses Science Daily, Wikipedia, Grist and other sites, such as this one, as simply being alarmists.  With convoluted logic he concludes “ global warming is reducing the threat from tornadoes.”

 Strange that media representing billion dollar corporations, such as Forbes, would want to get into this shouting match when it is clear that their interests would be most injured if the government ever decided to place the blame for such disasters on Global Warming.  At that point, those money moguls would have to change their ways of doing business. Ahhh! They may even lose some money.

 Conversely, Patrick Jonsson of Newscom argues against that grain in “South’s ‘Super Tornado’ Outbreak May Be Worst Ever in U.S. History.”  He argues that the only storm that comes close to these wrath of terror is what is called the “Tri-State Tornado” in 1925 which ran a 219 mile track in the upper Midwest, killing over 700 people.  His point is that this year’s super storms were actually part of some 211 tornadoes, at least a dozen of which were probably highest level EF-5 storms.  Also some of the storms had speeds over 200 miles an hour, making them the most powerful ever recorded in this nation.

 Newscome claims that the death toll was lower only because of improved warning systems.  As further proof, he argues, “The sheer numbers of twisters from one storm front may also be unprecedented. If the estimated number of tornadoes at 211 holds fast, it would far outpace the previous modern record . . .”  So since Forbes rejects the argument for Global Warming, what reason do they put forth for such horrendous increase in tornadoes?  The answer is:  None!

 Bloggers, journalists and scholars not funded by corporate interests try to present the truth.  Christian believers should pray for them because God is always on the side of truth.  Bible verse cards make clear that those who want to know the truth will ask of “God and of the Father, and of Christ; In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”(Colossians 2: 2b-3).  One day all mankind will stand before Them.  And some will be rewarded for writing the truth!

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