Soon Time for Believers Before The Judgment Seat of Christ!

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September 5, 2014

The-Judgment-seat-of-Christ        She knew that heaven would be so much more difficult to describe than Earth, or even Hell.  So she told the congregation that they should look into God’s Word with her to see what The Judgement Seat of Christ would be like.

“That ‘judgment’––consider it to be like a difficult final exam in school––is for genuine ‘born-again’ Christians alone––not for the phony go to church for society crowd,” she tried to say graciously without casting blame on anyone.

“It is for those who live on Earth with Him in their hearts, who pray to Him and in His Name, for the few who chose Him because He first loved them.” She waited to see if there would be any squirmers, and continued as they seem to wait.

“These will be judged in turn by Jesus, Their Master and LORD. The Bible indicates they will not only be judged individually, but in families, and churches.” A few wiggled there.  As group leader she knew who hadn’t spoken to parents and siblings in years, who hadn’t really truthfully forgiven them for years.

So she eased off a bit. “Those outside of Christ, who refused His rule as LORD, or who never heard any Christian witness about Him, will be judged by God The Father. They will not have Jesus as Advocate to plead their case. All of their sins will be open before God and all others to see, visually on judgment’s screen.”

She had turned her eyes away as if no one there were included in that group. “Yes, I know many long to see family Judgement-in-front-of-Jesusmembers in heaven. But do they really look forward to seeing Jesus, to stand before Their LORD to be judged for what they have done for Him in this present life on Earth?

“Gold, silver, precious stones, Apostle Paul writes in used Christian Bibles (1 Corinthians 3: 12), those are believers‘ rewards. Then Paul adds that useless wood, hay and stubble will be taken away from rewards as each believer’s works are set on fire! And as the song goes, ‘Only What’s Done for Christ will last’.”

Again, she looked up towards the roof, trying not directly view anyone. “Hardened hearts will be melted, but it will come too late.  Oh, only if one had asked his brother or sisters forgiveness when life was precious.  If only flesh had been crucified and sin resisted.  If only love had been sown instead of indifference. And what about witnessing to the lost, and tithes and offerings for the poor?

“If only churches had prayed and kept on praying on Wednesday nights, instead of just Bible study.  If only pastors had preached the judgment messages of the Bible, and not just those about grace and prosperity. If only many Christians had chosen to follow God’s will for their lives instead of their own.

“If only families had prayer and Bible study together.  If only believers had lived for those things important to God, and not those things important to themselves.  If only they had gone deeper into God’s Word instead of spending so much time with issues of the world.  If only they had prayed for the nation, state,  and community, for its leaders, and law enforcement workers, and for other nations and especially for Israel to keep peace around the world.”  She cried then.

“All the wasted time.” She wept even more. If only . . . if only . . . if only.

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