Putin’s Sanctions the U.S.: Doesn’t Understand American Democracy

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 17:25 PM
March 25, 2014

political-pictures-vladimir-putin-democracy-intersting-consider-itThose sanctions Russian President Putin placed on the United States proves, among other things, that he has no understanding of America, or of its history, or of the democratic politics that rule this country as done by, of and for its people.

In contrast, Russia is and always has been accustomed to one-person rule, first under kingly czars, and then by a lone Communist leader. Both ruled by domineering force, often with brutality and murders.  As once head of the monstrous secret KGB death and torture squad, such rule is all Putin knows.

But the fall of the Soviet Union changed all of that. Fifteen countries––i.e. Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, etc. with hundreds of thousands of people––got out from under Russia’s thumb. The great Russian empire had collapsed.  And neither Putin nor the Russian people ever got over it.

Unlike the sham democracy in Putin’s Russia where everyone in his cabinet and parliament were selected to rubber-stamp his every move, the Senators he sanctioned are not the U.S. President’s hand-picked cronies or special friends.  In fact, in some cases, they are his political enemies.

Putin’s punishments may have blocked American politicians from visiting Russia, when in fact they have no desire to do so.  But the U.S. stranglehold on the bank where Russian oligarchs hide their wealth brings grave financial consequence.

Going up against the United States, the greatest national power on the face of the earth, the Russians are playing a weak hand from a rather weak position. Such power enables the U.S. to haunt Putin and his personal political connections. Of course, Putin does not have the power to respond in kind.

Proving he doesn’t understand this country, Putin served prevention papers on Senator John McCain. Does he think the U.S. President and Sen. McCain are good friends? How does he explain the Senator’s speeches against the President?  Such a speech would cost Putin’s political opponents serious jail time.

The United States, Germany and other western countries have been trying for years to placate Putin to no avail.  He, and most of his people, yearn for times when they had the world’s respect as a great empire.  Now Russia is a mere nation.

And Putin is an outcast, seen by the world––i.e. the United Nations––as a bully and a liar. His take over of Crimea Putin-the-outcasthas cost him membership in the G-8, a group of world leaders––Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States––who cooperate for peaceful purposes.  It goes back to being the G-7. He is not invited, and Russia is no longer seen as an equal.

As Russia’s president pouts and considers his options, he views China, Russia’s step-child, as a vast empire. He sees Germany has amassed an EU economic empire. And he pines away for more incursions, anxious to get his empire back.

A man short in statue, but long in pride, Putin casts an ominous shadow upon the world stage. Working with Syria and Iran––two other nations craving return of historical empires––he sees a way to gain his goal through threats and mini-wars.

But such attempts to turn back the tide of history will only lead to War World III, and ultimate failure.  As well- used Christian Bibles underline:  “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18).”  Only, the pity is, Putin will not fall alone, he will take millions to eternity with him!

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