Emergency! American Hospitals Going Broke and Closing

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September 11, 2013

Closure-of-The-Queen-Eliz-007    While the U.S. wastes funds on: profit-less space programs, bloated defense and other covert departments, fighting ‘impossible’ wars, and other meaningless ventures, its citizens struggle with indecent health care and collapsing hospitals.

Failing hospitals in this nation share common traits of: less government funding in times of financial austerity, run-away costs, not improving productivity by closing or merging hospitals, resistance from staff and medical personnel and politicians, etc.  Several factors prevent short-term financial fixes from working.

In her article, ‘Debating a Fix for Hospitals in Dire Straits,’ Anemona Hartcollis writes: “Hospitals in poor areas have been struggling for years; since 1990, 52 hospitals in New York State, half of them in the city, have closed or been converted into another type of medical center.”

Bill de Blasio, currently running for mayor of New York City was arrested recently during a demonstration to save Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, vowed:  “We have to end this epidemic of hospital closures.”

Like most U.S. hospitals in trouble, Brooklyn hospitals mainly serve the uninsured and those with Medicaid, which pays less than private insurers.  Protesters insist state and federal governments must do more to help hospitals.

But New York, and other states, claim incapable of supporting hospitals with loans and bonds as in the past. As Keith B. Richburg argues in ‘Without Funds, N.J. Hospitals Face Crisis’: “If the country is facing a nationwide health-care crisis, then the condition in New Jersey can be described as gravely critical.”

Hospitals in this country are closing for multiple, but overlapping reasons:  1) Rise of ‘semi-hospital’ medical care hospitals-closingfacilities; 2) Preponderance of lower income and/or Medicare patients, who pay less than those privately insured; 3) Influxes of illegal aliens seeking ‘federally-forced’ but free medical treatments; 4) Locations in urban areas with populations of low-income and minority patients;

5) Vested financial interests among doctors, medical schools, etc. stalling to keep unprofitable hospitals from down-sizing; 6) Decreasing numbers of patients in rural hospitals, because of falling population numbers;

7) In cities and rural areas, corporate movements to larger regional medical ‘centers’ which involve patients traveling long distances; 8) Lack of cost-cutting efficiency; 9) Increased cost of diagnostic equipment; 10) Fewer available doctors and surgeons; 11) Declining quality of medical care; and 12) Governments on all levels no longer show dedication to basic medicinal care.

Perhaps few realize that in God’s final judgments, leaders must answer for how they treat ‘the least of these.’  As The LORD Jesus teaches in used Christian Bibles:  “Then shall He answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to Me (Matthew 25: 45).”

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