While Western U.S. Burns, Congress Fiddles with Budgets & Hatreds

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:55 PM
August 28, 2013

Current-Large-Fired-2013    Just as poor regional and national planning leaves American cities running out of water, the same can be said about the soaring costs of Western wild fires, spurred on by Global Warming and rapid increases of homes in expected fire areas.

And again politicians do nothing about it.  In ‘Wildfires Are Getting Worse.  Why Is Congress So Unprepared?,’ Brad Plumber explains:  “There are a couple of big reasons why wildfires, particularly out West, have been getting bigger and more destructive over time. Climate change has heated up and dried out the region, making forests more flammable.

“But there’s another key factor driving up costs: The number of people living in fire-prone areas has grown dramatically. Some 250,000 new residents have settled in Colorado’s “red zone” over the past two decades, . . . Not only can that increase the odds of a fire starting in the first place. . .  it increases the cost of suppression, as firefighters focus on protecting nearby homes.”

In a separate article, ‘Why Western Wildfires Keep Getting Worse,’ Plumber quotes Craig Allen from the U.S. Geological Survey :  “. . . as more and more people push deep into forested regions, that increases the risk of accidents. More smokers, more ignition from motorized vehicles… even more arson.’

For example Allen adds: “The record-setting Las Conchas fire in New Mexico last year, which consumed 40,000 acres, began when an aspen tree toppled onto a power line that was serving just six homes in a remote area.”

Reminder:  isn’t that why 19 Arizona fire fighters lost their lives last June, trying to protect homes built in fire-prone idaho_wildfire_AP350189261249_620x350areas where they never should have been allowed in the first place?  And oh yes, widows of some of those 19 heroes are not getting benefits because their husbands were ‘part-time’ employees for Uncle Sam.

Such inept planning by local and national governments must stop.  Now instead of considering these factors, Congress has drastically cut fire fighting budgets.  In ‘Federal Budget to Fight Wildfires Is Depleted,’ Darryl Fears argues:  “[T]he federal government has run through its budget for fighting wildfires amid a grueling, deadly season and will be forced to move $600 million from other funds, some of which help prevent fires.”  Moreover, in 2011 Congress took $ 200 million from fire fighting budgets, and this year’s sequester cut $ 115 million more.”

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned.  But this is not just historical reference.  In this 21st Century, America’s law-makers ‘fiddle’ with political hatreds rather than looking after the nation’s total welfare.

Well do used Christian Bibles prophesy God’s soon coming government.  Though He will do so in love, when The LORD Jesus governs nations, “He shall rule them with a rod of iron (Revelation 2: 27).”  Then people will live where they should, and workers who risk their lives will get full pay and benefits.

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