Wake Up! We’re In the Last Days: Egypt Now, . . . Maybe Here Later!

posted by Sandra Repriestly @ 1:13 AM
August 16, 2013

Coptic Christians protest against the killings of people during clashes in Cairo between Christian protesters and military police, in Los Angeles        Maybe it is diplomatic newsspeak, but mainstream media talking heads seem outraged at military action against ex-Egyptian President Morsi’s supporters. Have they forgotten Morsi’s sly moves to enforce Sharia laws dictating the number of children Egyptian women must bear, to disempower the Egyptian parliament, to dismiss courts, to redraw streets, and to ignore Muslim persecution of Christians?

The Moslem Brotherhood has sent repeated signals to Egyptian Christians before and since last November when Morsi refused to attend ceremonies to install Bishop Tawadros as the 118th Coptic Pope, and Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and All Africa––that Egypt is unsafe for Christians.

And those signals are repeated each time Coptic priests and even bishops disappear as kidnapped and usually turn up murdered.  And all this was happening even when Morsi was still in office.  Should anyone expect less now?

Now mobs, angry about Morsi’s ouster, roam throughout the country burning scores of Christian churches.  Benjamin Weinthal of the Jerusalem Post adds Muslim Brotherhood supporters also “wreaked havoc on Coptic Christian businesses, property [and] Christian institutions throughout the country.”

Charlene Gubash reporting for NBC News writes:  “Thousands of Egypt’s Coptic Christians are fleeing to Europe, the United States and elsewhere rather than face mounting discrimination at home. . . . Many Copts feel Egypt’s Islamist-led government is not doing enough to protect them from religious hate crimes and inflammatory rhetoric––so many are leaving.”

Thankfully, many Egyptian Christians are coming to the United States. Gubash states:  “The number of Egyptians receiving asylum in the U.S. has jumped more than five-fold in recent years. In 2010, the year before the revolution, just 531 Egyptians received asylum in the U.S.; in 2012, that number jumped to 2,882, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s statistical data for 2012.”

Bishop Anba Suriel, the bishop for the Coptic Orthodox Church in Melbourne, Australia warns:  “These attacks on the egypt-christianCopts is unprecedented in the modern era.”  He insists the international community must not be passive.

Weinthal quotes Irwin Cotler, a former Canadian justice minister and current Liberal MP, who says the “Army should be providing more protection to the Copts.  The anti-Christian violence by radical Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood supporters is taking place within ‘a general culture of impunity.’”

Dexter Van Zile, the Christian media analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America told Weinthal, “Progressive Christianity does not want to confront Islamic violence.” But where are the progressive Christians?

As Apostle Paul commands in used Christian Bibles: “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep . . . (Romans 13: 11).”  To paraphrase a famous American writer, “if they come for me at night, they will be there for you in the morning.”  Wake up!  Defend and Help Egyptian Christians!

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