Earth’s Swallowing Sink Holes: It’s Weak Crust Is Collapsing, Part 3

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 0:37 AM
March 5, 2013

The tragic story of Florida’s soft sinking sand swallowing Jeffery Bush is but further evidence that mankind is destroying Planet Earth with:

building collapsing        1) Excessive weight of structures and heavy industries in overcrowded urban/suburban populations of some 8 billion people; 2) Carbonized atmosphere creating an overheated planet, and recirculating that heat into earth’s depths; 3) Such heat melting polar ice caps to unbalance the planet’s strength and shape; 4) Uncontrolled underground mining of every kind, producing man-made quakes and sinking grounds; 5) Accelerated destruction of ecosystems supporting men and animals; 6) Forced production from earth and seas to unsustainable levels, etc.
Becky Oskin affirms that indeed our planet seems to be coming apart in her careful explanation titled, ‘What Caused the Solomon Islands Earthquake & Tsunami?’ for  “The deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit the Solomon Islands today [February 6, 2013] struck along a subduction zone, the same geologic setting responsible for the world’s most powerful earthquakes.

“In a subduction zone, two of Earth’s tectonic plates meet and one slides beneath the other into the mantle, the deeper layer beneath the crust. The Solomon Islands sits above the collision between the Australia and Pacific plates.

“There were dozens of earthquakes around the Solomon Islands in the month leading up to today’s massive quake, the USGS reported. More than 40 magnitude-4.5 quakes shook the islands in the past week alone, and seven of those temblors were larger than a magnitude-6.0, the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) said.”

In short, these quakes of all sizes and depths, and resulting plate shifts, disturb the planet to the point that they well may prepare the planet for one or more highly destructive––i.e. millions killer earthquakes and/or super volcanoes.

Alvin Conway author of ‘The Extinction Protocol,’ and founder of the blog of the same name says on page 166 – 172 of his book:  “We are entering an era of increased planetary instability, brought on by a significant rise in the geothermal gradient, and subsequent magmatic fluid expansion within the planet’s interior.

“It will be a time, in which, we will see catastrophic and exponential increases in the number of natural disasters- Sinkhole_Swedenmost notably: earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions. . .
“It will be the cluster eruption of mega-quakes, and their resonate aftermath, which will signal the planet has entered an intensified cataclysmic period of transition… these quakes will signal the secondary stage of Earth’s thermal acceleration, and should come to be viewed as signs of increasing disorder.”

Indeed, even used Christian books promise that the heat of Global Warming will be mankind’s self-destruction: “Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left (Isaiah 24: 6).”

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