New America Untamed Wild, Wild West: Our Nation Morns! Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 23:43 PM
December 18, 2012

       The governor of New York spoke of Hurricane Sandy as the second ‘storm of a lifetime’ in two years.  Friday’s death knell against precious children was the third mass murder in our country this year?  Their horror screams of a modern America that has become today’s untamed 19th century wild, wild west.

The James Holmes shot out at a Denver movie theater in July, and the Sikh temple Murders in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in August, also don’t include the scores of ‘everyday’ shootings across the country.

As ‘Mother Jones’ points out in ‘A Guide to Mass Shootings in America,’ the overwhelming majority of the 62 mass killings of four of more victims in the last twenty years in some 30 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii were carried out by men who owned their guns legally.  How is this possible in a civilized society?

Many of these deaths could have been avoided if the federal government had ‘common sense’ regulations about gun control.  Nicholas D. Kristof writes in ‘Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?’:   “The fundamental reason kids are dying in massacres like this one is not that we have lunatics or criminals — all countries have them — but that we suffer from a political failure to regulate guns. Children ages 5 to 14 in America are 13 times as likely to be murdered with guns as children in other industrialized countries.”

Kristof cites laws protecting children, such as: building codes, school bus standards, tests for bus drivers, food safety in cafeterias, toy inspections,  etc. But our country has scant regulations of guns.  He argues:  “More Americans die in gun homicides and suicides in six months than have died in the last 25 years in every terrorist attack and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.”

Those who retort “gun control attacks our freedoms” must know this is not about freedom, it is about gun industry money.  AP reporters Eileen Sullivan and Jack Gillum report:  “As of October 2012, there were 50,812 retail gun dealers––that’s 3,303 more than in 2009. . . Sturm Ruger & Co. Inc., one of the nation’s largest gun manufacturers, . . . say demand is still outpacing production.”

In ‘America’s Gun Industry is Booming,’ for Jennifer Wilmore agrees:  “A recent Gallup survey indicates 47 percent of American adults keep guns.”  She says that American manufacturers produce most of those guns, and that those same gun-makers are “the world’s leading weapons exporter[s].”

America must decide if she wants to go back to those wild west days, or if she wants to remain the modern beacon of peace for the world.  As used Christian Bibles promises:  “Blessed is the nation whose God is The LORD; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance (Psalm 33: 12).”

Global Warming, Hurricane Sandy, and this week’s deaths of 20 precious children indicates our nation is losing favor with God.  If we continue selling death machines for profit, enabling mad-men to sacrifice children in such unrelenting slaughter, we should expect more signs of judgment!

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