Not Just Hollywood: Prophet of Doom Says Robots Will Rule Men

posted by Jael Ever @ 20:54 PM
February 22, 2011

One of the panel members on The History Channel’s Prophets of Doom TV program is Dr. Hugo de Garis, Professor of Computer Science and Mathematical Physics at Wuhan University in China.  His scenario for the destruction of the earth is that, in their quest for automation, scientists now build robots having enough artificial intelligence, power and will to destroy their human creators.  De Garis believes that earth and time will soon reach what he calls “The Singularity,” a point in which artificially intelligent robots will both think and act independently of people.  And that the machines will then wage war against them.

 Before migrating to China, Dr. de Garis was on the faculty at the University of Utah.  While his research is on “artificial brains,” Dr. Garis still questions the wisdom of building super computer robots as explained in one of his books,  The  Artilect War: Cosmists vs. Terrans: A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines.  In this book, he predicts that “massively intelligent machines are coming this century, and that probably there will be a major war over the issue whether humanity should build them or not.”  During an interview with artist and author Norm Nason, de Garis  concludes that these “godlike artilects, with capacities trillions of times above human levels, threaten to be created this century” and that they will lead to “a major war that kills billions of people.”

 Viewing the example of “Watson,” the Super Computer that easily defeated two contestants on recent Jepardy Game Show programs, may prove Dr. de Garis’ thesis.  The giant IBM machine, functioning on rooms full of hefty computers, knows more about human history and culture than any one person ever could.
Ironically, both the Jeopardy host and national news media humorously expressed delight that Watson is a “cute” testimony to science’s latest high tech invention.

 But the 2004 movie, “I, Robot,” starring Will Smith, disagrees with that conclusion.  In that narrative, a super computer designs killer robots that overpower domestic robot servants, and then leads a robot revolt to enslave all human beings.  Only the Will Smith character––because he believes that machines do not have the moral capacity to make decisions about people––had enough foresight to resist and finally destroy that super computer and defang its robots.

 The Book of Revelation consigns robots to the realm of Satanic evil.  Chapter 13 reveals that, in his position supporting AntiChrist, the False Prophet builds a talking robotic idol.  This “living” image commands that true worshippers receive the devil’s 666 mark, sealing them to his realm of Hell forever. The human-like robot then commands immediate execution for all people who refuse this mark or to worship AntiChrist and obey his robotic image.  Now that’s something to think about in these last days of supposed ultimate scientific triumph.

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