Spain and Greece Resist Germany’s Claims For Their Sovereignty

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 1:23 AM
September 17, 2012

        The press assured the public negotiations between the European Union and its debtor nations were settled.  But apparently things are unraveling again.  Two months ago, press releases indicated that Spain was satisfied with offers from Germany and  the European Union (EU) to help with its debt, but now headlines blare: ‘Eurozone crisis: Spain Refuses Bailout Terms.’

Moreover––while the news reports said a few days ago Germany was sending Greece a peace-maker to approve its urgently-needed economic bailout––Greece is falling deeper into the fifth year of economic depression.  As with Spain, the question in Greece is: Will the borrowing nations maintain their sovereignty?

In fact, Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s prime minister refuses to call the loan for his country, a bailout.  But that is exactly what Mario Draghi, President of EU’s European Central Bank says the loan must be called.

Stephen Burgen of writes: “Draghi announced last week that the bank would buy unlimited quantities of sovereign debt to ensure eurozone governments retained access to funding, [with] strings attached.”

Apparently, those strings include dictating specific policies and economic cuts to Spain.  Rajoy says, “I couldn’t accept anyone else telling us what our policies should be or where we have to make cuts.” Burgen concludes: Rajoy decided that, if he has to make spending cuts and other unpopular decisions, then he will do it without ceding sovereignty the way the Greeks had to do.

And just what good did it do Greece to cede that sovereignty?  Today, the country is in its fifth year of deep economic depression.  Reuters reporter Renee Maltezou exclaims: “Greek Union Warns of Austerity ‘Death Spiral.’”  Some 25% of Greek’s workers are government employed, and the country plans to lay off 100,000 government workers by December.  Costas Tsikrikas, head of a 500,000 member union, insists the government stop slashing salaries, but go after the rich.

“The state must take the money from those who have the income to pay the taxes. The rich, the big companies that use the workforce of this country. Don’t they owe the country and its people something?”

Tsikrikas was particularly speaking of professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, who are known to take ‘under the table’ cash payments to avoid paying taxes.  So striking unions shut down the country, which only exacerbates matters.

Meanwhile neo-Nazism naturally thrives in a country where––according to Rick Newman of U.S. News & World Report––the unemployment rate is 24.4% and among young people it is 55%.  Economic depressing and growing neo-Nazism: Sure signs of the next world war.

As the Book of Revelation foretells:  “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine (6: 6).”  Lying political ideology, hunger, poverty, and economic seduction––all leading to murderous war!

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