Rising Sea Levels: Creeping Death Coming Upon the World

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 13:33 PM
March 13, 2012

 People with good sense can see rising sea levels, ocean poisonings and other effects of Global Warming, and they do something about it!  Others––notably some politicians in the United States––simply shout that Global Warming is a hoax. 
 According to Think Progress and Planetsave, leaders of the Maldives Islands are planning to move their entire population of 350,000 to Australia.  But then Australia is constantly flooded from killer storms and unmanageable seas as it is.  So the Maldives back-up plan is possibly Sri Lanka or India.

 President Mohamed Nasheed, head of Maldives government, has been screaming his head off to anyone who will listen that rising sea levels caused by Global Warming is like creeping death for the world.
 He told the Sydney Morning Herald:  “It is increasingly becoming difficult to sustain the islands, in the natural manner that these islands have been.  If nations won’t do good for themselves, they really must do good for everyone around, simply in your self-interest as well. I think it’s really quite necessary for Australians and for every rich country to understand that this is unlike any other thing that’s happened before.”

 And, as Andres Marantz, reports in Harper’s Magazine, “the approaching end times for the Maldives has given rise to a strange blend of doomed apathy and anxious resignation among the citizenry there.”

 And, unlike First World leaders, those in the Maldives saved their money in preparation for such catastrophes:  “The country has established a sovereign wealth fund, drawn from its tourist revenue, to be used to buy land overseas and finance the relocation of the country . . . .”  But what about poorer nations, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and countries in East Africa, that have no such savings?

 Just last week, Mat McDermott of Science / Climate Change reports that the nation of Kiribati “is making plans to move the entire population of its 32 islands to Fiji in order to avoid rising seas.”  The president of Kiribati, Anote Tong says:

 “This is the last resort, there is no way out of this one. Our people will have to move as the tides have reached our homes and villages. We don’t want 100,000 people from Kiribati coming to Fiji in one go. They need to find employment, not as refugees but as immigrant people with skills to offer, people who have a place in the community, people who will not be seen as second-class citizens.”

 When such destruction comes, people often blame it on God.  But Global Warming comes from man’s excesses, and man can turn it back.  However, this destruction also reeks havoc upon the world that God made.  Thus, He promises in the Book of Revelation that He will, “destroy them which destroy the earth (11: 18).”  World leaders can also repent, and ask God to help them save this planet!

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