Please Give! Pastors Under Attack in The Ivory Coast

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:43 PM
January 23, 2012

Emergency! Our ministry supports an independent group of some 100 rural churches in the struggling nation of Cote d’Ivoire (better known as the Ivory Coast). This group is not a part of any major denomination, rather its pastors have churches in rural villages, far outside of Abidjan, the nation’s capital city.

Dr. O’Neale, founder and editor of Earth End-New Beginning blog, has ministered with Head Pastor, Kudio Dioba. She has taught Bible students and traveled with them and Pastor Dioba to establish new churches in small villages.

This weekend she got an emergency call from Pastor Dioba. His country has been in chaos for months. Before getting its “independence,” the Ivory Coast was a French colony. Last April, supported by France, a Muslim, Alassane Ouattara, was manipulated into office, and a Christian president, Laurent Gbagbo, was ousted. (See Associated Press article, “Pro-Gbagbo Rally Attacked in Ivory Coast, Many Injured,” January 21, 2012).

Since that time, Christian pastors have been harshly oppressed. Food is scarce. Pastors had to run for safety. Muslim gangs robbed Christian homes and businesses. There are no police in rural areas, and where police do exist, they have no guns. Recently things seemed to have calmed down.

But this weekend, gangs attacked the home of a pastor from an Assemblies of God church. They shot his wife eight times and killed her. After stealing that pastor’s valuables, they marched him to the home of a pastor in Dr. Dioba’s group. Again, they stole everything and shot, but did not kill, that pastor’s wife. She is now in a small clinic, as there are no hospitals within hundreds of miles.

Pastor Dioba called Dr. O’Neale, asking for emergency help. The large denomination will care for the pastor in their church. But the pastors in Dioba’s group only have the support of the O’Neale family, and a few other individuals in the United States. People in Cote Ivoire must pay for all medical treatments themselves. Dioba asks for funds to pay for medical bills, and to transfer the injured pastor’s wife to a hospital, and to replenished their home and finances.

We ask readers of Earth End for contributions. Dr. O’Neale’s daughter started an IRS-approved non-profit organization, “Continuum of Care Collaborative, Inc.” to help the working poor in the United States, and to continue the family’s outreach in Cote Ivoire and other Third World countries.

We are attempting to set up a system in Pay Pal for donations. Until then, contributions can be sent to: Continuum of Care Collaborative, Suite 298, 18530 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 48236. Contributions will receive tax deductible receipts, and will pay medical bills for the pastor’s wife, and to care for others in the ministry. Above all, please pray for these pastors, for their families and churches, and for full peace to return to the Ivory Coast.

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