Global Warming: Wet Earth, Rain, Snow Bring Spring Flooding

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:35 AM
February 23, 2011

According to weather experts around the world, 2011 is to be The Year of the Flood.  Excessive rain last fall, plus heavy snows this winter leave soils too saturated to accept any more water.  Thus, starting in the upper midwestern United States, waters will run off lands flooding rivers and lakes to over-flowing.  Massive flooding will then spread to other parts of the country.  Flooding records have already been set in other parts of the globe this year.

 Dr. Jeff Masters writes in his January 21, 2011 WunderBlog for World Weather Post that 2010 “was one of the worst years for high-impact floods.  But 2011 has already had an entire year’s worth of mega-floods.”  These include January flooding in Brazil that killed 772 people, leaving 1.2 billion in damages and leaving 13,000 people homeless, as well as Australia’s Queensland which has gone through the “most expensive disaster in history.”  Dr. Masters adds massive floods in the Philippines last December with 40 dead, 453,000 people displaced and 1.2 million others also affected.  He adds, these factors mean extreme flooding everywhere:  1) The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration putting current La Nina activity in the strong category; 2) Rising global ocean temperatures; 3) Increased moisture in the atmosphere; and 4) Extreme rainfalls.

 Daniel Dix of the U.S. National Weather Center increases that list: 5) Soil moist at a 95% capacity; and 6) Melting  winter snow and ice freeze, now locked in place, will greatly contribute to such over-flooding.  The National Weather Service also says that “there is a high risk of flooding this spring” in areas around Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota; the Mississippi River from Minnesota to St. Louis; the Minnesota River in Minnesota; the Rock River in Moline, Illinois; and the James River in South Dakota.  In most of these areas weather experts expect the crest level to exceed last year’s record.  USA Today reports:  “Forecasters say the flooding could start as early as mid-March and last well into April.”  All news agencies report that people in these states––hoping to contain the flooding––are already stacking sand bags along river shores.

 Of course, Dr. Masters was thinking of flooded areas around the world as forecasting the record of 2011 as The Year of the Flood, while other weather forecasters may cover patterns closer to home.  So clearly it is too early to bring out those wholesale Christian t-shirts just yet.  Summer is not here––but it will be hot, hot, hot.  And what little spring there is will be wet, wet, flooding, flooding wet––not just in the areas covered above, but in most parts of this nation and the world.  As Apostle Paul admonishes, it time to pray for the safety of people, homes and businesses in the U.S. and around the world (1 Timothy 2: 1).

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