It Time For Everyone To Do Their Job!

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:57 PM
April 25, 2011

People are writing into CNN to thank their on-site reporters for the dangerous jobs they do courting danger in Libya, and other hot spots in the Middle East, to get the front-line news about unfolding events.  But , of course, these reporters would respond that it is their job to do so.  In fact two reporters, Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington, were killed last week in Misrata, Libya, simply because they were committed to the job of bring truth to the world about the struggles of people putting their lives on the line to be free of tyranny.

 In the same regard, President Obama also thanked the men and women of the Armed Forces for their tremendous work in the struggle for freedom in Libya.  As they salute, the Commander-in-Chief, they would respond, “Thank you sir.  It is our job.”  American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, waiting on bases, or aboard ships and planes around the world join in that chorus:  “It is our job.”

 The men wearing hazmat suits and masks, daily risking their lives, as they wage deadly battles with  Japan’s run-away nuclear power radiation, said on news channels recently, loosely translated, “It’s Our Job!”  And of course firefighters around the country, who joined their fellow firemen in Texas to battle unusually raging fires rampaging across Texas, would tell anyone the same thing:  it is their job to risk life and limb trying to protect people and property from destruction.

 Whether civilian or military, courageous workers, even volunteers, daily stand on the edge of death, battling evil, danger, poverty, aggression, lies, cover-ups, destructive nature, sickness, disease, etc.  Most of them stand for truth and honor because they believe that it is the right thing to do!  They definitely do not carry out duties for the sake of money, fame or glory.  In fact, it is often the people whose only interest is financial control who cause many of the problems––such as the war in Libya––in the first place.  Those who think that the only thing worth working for in this world is money are aligned with the chief devil of darkness for indeed, “The love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6: 10).

 But one must wonder, are Christians calling out to God in The Name of Jesus about the battles in Libya and the rest of the Middle East?  Are they praying about the nuclear disaster in Japan?  Are they praying for people hurt by the fires in Texas, or the tornadoes ripping through the South?  Are they asking The Holy Spirit’s help to pray for the leaders of this nation and other nations?  Christian messages must emphasize one thing about prayer: “It’s the Christian’s job!” God will reward those brave men and women who risk their lives for peace, protection and freedom.  But He withholds rewards from those who claim to know Christ but who refuse to pray.  Perhaps more than any time in history, it is time, yea past time, for all Christians to report for the duty of prayer, and to know, “Its our job!”

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Most Powerful Force On Earth

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:58 PM
June 1, 2010

The most powerful force on earth is prayer.  It is not polarizing politics. It is not the most destructive weapon of war.  It is not nature gone amok.  And it is certainly not evil. 

  But too often these forces prevail because Christians do not pray.  Since the 1960s, most churches have substituted Bible Study for weekly prayer meetings.  But, as laudable as they are, Bible studies do not bring miracle-changing revival to earth.  They do not change world events, and they do not move God.  Only humble Christians praying before God can accomplish His will in the earth.

  In John 5: 39 Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures.  In them ye think ye have eternal life but they are they which speak of me.”  

  Knowing some of the Bible is not enough.  The Pharisees were proud that they had surface knowledge of the revealed Word of God, and yet they joined the world in crucifying Jesus.  Surface knowledge often simply leads to pride.

  Truly knowing what the Bible says is to digest it, to submit to it, to love it and to obey it. To find Jesus in the Scriptures is to follow His love for all mankind, His humbleness before God, and His unyielding determination to do God’s will.

 Memo Blog:  To All Christians Everywhere.  When we see destruction plummeting all around––i.e. continuous earthquakes, volcanoes, man-made disasters, hurricanes, wars, rebellions, etc.––it is not a time to keep enjoying life as if nothing has changed.

 It is time to pray.  It is time to re-dedicate ourselves to witnessing about the grace of God.  And it is time to show others how to pray for God’s forgiveness, and how to find His salvation.

 Buying and distributing wholesale Christian t-shirts that have The Lord’s Prayer printed on them is a good place to start.  At least it will remind others of the time their mothers and grandmothers use to teach them God’s Word about prayer.

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