Mark One Up For The Good Guys: Sea Shepherds Win

posted by Jael Ever @ 21:04 PM
February 18, 2011

Mark One Up For the Good Guys!  The Sea Shepherds have won in their seven year battle to stop Japanese Whalers from hunting whales in the Antarctica.  And those who love whales hope that Japan will never start whale hunting again.  This month, Sea Shepherds sent out three ships to chase one of Japan’s whaling vessels, The Nisshin Maru, for some 2,000 miles, causing the nation to fall far below its annual quota of 965 whales.   Instead, Japan caught less than 100 whales.

 According to, Japan uses a clause in the International Whaling Commission’s 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling that allows it to do “lethal research” on whales.   But, for years, the Sea Shepherds have done everything from hurling rancid butter aboard Japanese whaling ships, to entangling ships’ propellers, to blinding the hunters with infrared beams so they couldn’t see how to harpoon the whales, etc.  As he relished victory, Sea Shepherd’s founder, Paul Watson, says: “Every year we’ve gotten stronger.  We had better equipment, we had a long-range helicopter. Really, it came down to having more resources.”

 While Japan insists that resistance from Western nations, as well as the Sea Shepherds, shut down their hunts, in truth Japan’s people supported the resistance by no longer eating whale meat.  Bloomberg explains:  “Japan spends as much as $60 million a year on its whaling programs and relies on official sales of meat from the Antarctic hunt to fund 85 percent of the costs.”  But the New York Times adds, “Very few Japanese eat whale anymore, and the meat from the hunt has piled up in freezers, or been given to school children for school lunches.”  Thus, with a stock pile of 6,000 tons of whale meat sitting in freezers unsold, economic losses also shut down Japan’s whale hunting operation.  Also part of that resistance, is Greenpeace Japan.  It’s executive director, Junichi Sato, says: “Japan’s whaling serves no purpose whatsoever and the fleet has no business in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, . . . An early return of the whaling fleet is not enough, Japan’s whaling ships should never leave port again.” 

 God has special rewards for heroes like Paul Watson, his Sea Shepherds, those who have contributed financial support to that organization, as well as for Greenpeace Japan, and the Japanese people who quietly resisted their own government––for everyone who stood on the side of the whales and against those hunting them for slaughter.  When he started his campaign to protect the whales, Captain Watson said that the merciless killing of whales could bring God’s judgment upon the earth.  He was right.  Bible prophecy says “. . . that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear Thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth (Revelation 11: 8).  God (and the whales) know who the saints and destroyers are and indeed He will reward them!

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